The Valentine’s Day guide for a teenager

All you teenagers just enjoy every day to the fullest for this phase of life you are going to remember and miss the most throughout your lifetime. A crazy phase wherein you get to feel so many new and varied emotions and feelings that is equivalent to a roller coaster ride full of excitement and fun. One such lovely emotion is love that teens fall in with first time, which makes the Valentine’s Day so popular among teenagers. They wait for this day the entire year just to ask their girl out, or to make her feel special, the same follows for girls also.

As the day of lovers, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, many of you must be doing some or the other preparations to make that someone who is special for you feel special. All you teenagers no need to get baffled as to what you should be doing to make this special day extraordinary because in this article you are going to get some fantastic ideas you can use to make the day memorable.

The inexpensive gifts to buy and places to go


You can gift your special someone a small pack of chocolates he or she likes. As you are teenagers, you do not earn, so the gift choice must be well within your range. Moreover, the pricey nature of gifts does not impress or make someone happy, rather it the sweetness and purity of feelings that matter.

Bring on your creativity

Whatever art you are skilled at, be it painting, sketching, poetry, singing, or dancing, use it. You could make a nice painting portraying your and her relation, write a poem that presents your and her friendship, you can sing a lovely song for her and record it, make a video while you dance whatever you do ensure that she or he gets to like it.

Book a show

You must be knowing what you both like to do together, as in watch a movie, see a match, go for a standup comedy show, to planetarium, science museum, or a musical concert. Whichever option you pick, buy the tickets in advance and it has to be a place you both enjoy to be. To make it more special, you can gift your special friend the ticket tied in a lovely ribbon or some other nice presentation you can choose.


This is one great idea for you need not spend money but yes some time and efforts. You need to look for songs that you both like, and the ones that depict your relation and friendship the best. In the end write a beautiful line, a date, or whatever you feel would make her feel special either on the CD itself or on the cover.

A book

If your special friend is a bookworm then what better it could be to gift him or her book of their interest. Likewise, if your friend has some other interests like biking, skating then a bicycle helmet and skates are some of the good options.

A foodie treat

Last but not the least is a food joint. Obviously, you must know your special friend’s choice of food, or ice cream they simply love. You can plan and take them to an ice-cream parlor or a food joint by surprise.


Valentine’s Day for teenagers is very exciting and the Valentine guide for teenagers can help them make correct choices, which can make this day for them and their special friends extremely special.Besides all goodness, the teenage phase is loaded with conflicts and bewilderments as well because a teenage mind is not mature enough to take ideal decisions but it is normal, as immaturity is the fun part of teenage.

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