Splitting Expenses While Playing Escape Games with Friends

Splitting Expenses While Playing Escape Games with Friends

Many teenagers and other young people spend most of their free time playing games. They also like watching reality shows on television and other platforms. This is one of the reasons why escape rooms like Escape Hour have become extremely popular in the last decade since the members of the team playing the escape game get an opportunity to become part of their own reality show. The escape game is like a challenging game they play, since they race against time, trying to find the clues required to exit the quest room. The team is charged for the escape game based on the number of members, and some tips for splitting or managing expenses are provided below.

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The first step in managing expenses, payment for the escape game, is deciding who will pay. In some cases, the person organizing the Escape Hour trip for his friends on his birthday or to celebrate may pay all the expenses. In other cases, the members of the team will decide to split expenses. It is better to clarify the terms and conditions before organizing the Escape Hour trip, so that there are no disputes or confusion at a later date. This will also ensure that team members enjoy the escape game and work together to exit the room quickly. If a friend is not likely to pay his share of the expenses, it is better not to invite him to play the escape game.

In Calgary, the price of each escape game is the same at $24.99 for each player + taxes, for a minimum of three players. The action escape room in Edmonton is priced higher at $29.99 per person while the other escape rooms have the same rates as Calgary rooms. The organizer should discuss the theme, complexity and pricing of each locker room with the team members to choose a suitable game in Edmonton or Calgary. Unlike other tickets which can be purchased separately, the escape room for the group is only booked by one person, who pays on behalf of all his other team members.

Depending on availability, the organizer for the event will pay for the entire group. It is usually cheaper when 6-8 players are in the group compared to two players, since the escape room charges for at least three players have to be paid for every booking at escape hour. Typically if the group has decided to split expenses, the organizer will collect the payment for the escape game from each of the other team members.

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