How to Succeeded at Dating Apps: 7 Advices from Women

How to Succeeded at Dating Apps

The dating scene has become more complicated over the years. What worked in Granny’s day isn’t working anymore. However, while there have been changes, some changes are actually beneficial. Online dating has become an often scorned and yet popular way to meet up with new people and possibly find one’s soul mate. We’ve taken advice from several real life women who used dating apps to find their significant others, and have compiled their tips below.

1.Stay Open Minded

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We all have an idea of the “perfect” spouse; however, what we actually need and want may fall way outside of our preconceived notions. Rather than get an idea of exactly what you want your future spouse to look like and do for a profession, be willing to look beyond and stay open minded. Many people have discovered that by making some adjustments in their look and height preferences, they were able to find their forever spouse.

Be patient. Don’t ask, “Does he like me?” after the first date. Just have fun and don’t take things too seriously.

2. Be Willing to Pay a Little Money

Yes, we understand that money is tight for everyone, but to get the best results sometimes you have to expect to pay a little bit. Many dating sites give you free trials, but you will probably need to invest some money into the process before you find the one your soul longs to meet.

3. Don’t Search

While on a Date. It sounds like a worst case scenario, but some singles actually use the dating apps…while they’re dating someone else! Make sure that before you head off for an evening with a potential mate that you turn off the notifications for all your dating apps. In fact, you might be doing best if you turn off all your notifications period. By doing away with the phone, you can focus directly on the person you’re with, giving them your full attention and the opportunity to wow you.

4. Don’t Budge on Important Things

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Somethings in life, such as your faith and beliefs, are non-negotiable. If you hold deep personal beliefs, a strong faith life, or a religious upbringing, these are things that you should never hide under the rug. Make it obvious on your profile that these are important cornerstones of your life and talk about it upfront on your dates. While lowering your values might get you a date or even a marriage, it won’t be happy in the long run if you have to earn it by forgetting what’s most valuable to you.

5. Don’t Do All Your Conversing Online

It’s easy to throw out all your most important life details and exciting stories from behind the comfort of your screen, but this is a big no-no! Instead, only reveal a few details and save the actual information for a real-life date. By waiting to have important conversations in person, you can avoid the awkward feeling of being with a stranger who already knows too much about you.

6.Share Your Struggles with Others

If you’re growing tired of the online dating game, you don’t have to put on a happy smile and pretend to be okay. Instead, be willing to be vulnerable with your friends. Talk to them about your frustrations and share the highs and lows of your experience. By opening up to others you can gain support, insight, and encouragement to keep going.

7. Go for Realistic-Looking People

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When you’re scrolling through profile pictures, it’s easy to be attracted to the men and women that look like movie stars. Don’t let yourself go just for glitz and glamour, especially since most of these photos don’t match the people behind the screen. Instead, go for a normal person whose picture matches their profile and would fit into your everyday life.

Online dating is a fun, stressful, rewarding, and discouraging process all at the same time. By using the seven tips listed above, you can hope to have positive experiences that outweigh the negative. Who knows? You might even find your future spouse!

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