Love and Testosterone: Is There a Link Between the Two?

Love and Testosterone

Every shade of love is a different experience in itself. It doesn’t matter whether it is falling in love, falling out of love, or even looking for someone to love, everything gives you a kick in a different sort of way. And while we are too busy thinking about the one we love, our hormones are doing their job, making our experiences both profound and unique. Even testosterone has its role. Its level changes in our body, depending both on the situation and our sex.

Gender and Testosterone


Thanks to our preconceived notions about testosterone, most of us like to imagine it in conjunction with manliness and masculinity. But did you know that women too have testosterone in their body? It is produced by both their ovaries and adrenal glands.

In both men and women, the level of testosterone varies with age. The testosterone level in our body starts increasing during the teenage years, peeking around adulthood. In men, when they are past 30, the levels decrease on an average 1 percent per year. However, in women, the testosterone level starts decreasing around menopause, which begins around 45 to 55.

Love Unites Us in More Ways Than One

When it comes to testosterone levels, love has opposite effect on both men and women. Although it might sound counterintuitive, but when they fall in love, the testosterone levels decreases in men, while it increases in women.

Long term relationships, on the other hand, tend to have the opposite effect. Compared to men falling in love, both single men and the ones in a long term relationship have higher testosterone levels. Here too, women behave in the exact opposite way, as testosterone level in single women as well as women in a long term relationship is low when compared to the ones who just got into a relationship.

Testosterone and Speed Dating

Happy young mixed race girl attending speed dating

Speed dating is becoming extremely popular nowadays. One of the reasons behind it could be the testosterone spike that it gives to both men and women, especially when they find someone that they are attracted to. According to Dr. Robin Edelstein of University of Michigan, we have an innate radar that helps us detect who is naturally attracted to us.

Low Testosterone Levels and Relationships

Low testosterone levels in men could translate to a low sex drive. So, no wonder it could put a lot of strain on one’s marriage and relationships. One of the practical options in this case would be to look for testosterone for sale nearby. To men with low testosterone level, this could help in restoring both sex drive and intimacy.

While there’s no single reliable method to test the exact levels of testosterone, nevertheless, we can find the approximate levels of it in our body. If you have been suffering from symptoms like depressed mood, erectile dysfunction, and low sex drive, you should test your testosterone levels as soon as possible. It could prove to be relationship saviour.

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