Tips for Getting Back Into Dating After a Heartbreak

ended in heartbreak

You’ve experienced love, and unfortunately it ended in heartbreak. You’re not the only one who has gone through this experience, and oftentimes it’s hard to get yourself back out there. You feel like you’ve fully moved on and healed from your breakup, but don’t know where or how to start dating again. Understandably, it can feel intimidating and scary to enter the dating scene once again. Just thinking about setting up dates sounds exhausting. But you do have to get back into it eventually there’s no avoiding it forever. It takes courage to get back into dating again, and we know you can do it! Follow along for some much needed tips to begin the dating game again and start thinking about what you can do to find the relationship of your dreams.

1. Go Out 

friends going out

Start out by being more social and going out with your friends. Although you are having a girls’ night out, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep your eyes open to potential mates. Also, if you go out with your friends, they may have a friend or acquaintance who is attractive who you can meet through them. You can go out to clubs or bars where there is a single scene. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find someone right away, as long as you are putting yourself out there, you are doing something beneficial for your dating life. If you are not into going to the club or bar, you can find a group to connect with that enjoys similar interests to you. For example, if you enjoy surfing or hiking then you should check out meetup to find some groups in your area that take part in the same activity. Forming new connections is the key to expanding your dating pool and sparking a new relationship.

2. Keep An Open Mind

It is important to keep an open mind, although you may be hesitant to date again. Maybe, you haven’t gotten to know someone well enough and judge them too soon. You think they aren’t your type when they very well could be. This is where keeping an open mind is crucial in the early stages of the dating process. Try to give everyone a chance even if they don’t end up being the right fit for you and your personality. Also, after a breakup or a serious relationship, you may feel inclined to compare everyone to your most recent partner. You may think they don’t make me laugh as much as my previous partner did– but it’s essential you take things slow and try to get to know them from an unbiased perspective.

3. Stay Safe 

private STD testing clinic

If you are dating someone, sex and intimacy will come into the picture, eventually. Sex is an important part of a serious relationship, but it doesn’t mean you need to compromise your values or boundaries on it. If you decide to have sex with a new partner, you will want to ask the tough questions such as STD testing. If you are fearful that you’ve developed an STD, be sure to take the correct tests or visit the doctor. If you are wondering how to test for chlamydia there are easy at home tests you can use without feeling uncomfortable. Stay safe and ask the tough questions before making any decisions with a new partner!

4. Try Online Dating

These days, online dating is very popular. Especially with the pandemic taking a toll on many people’s dating life in 2020, it is harder to date without the help of technology. There are many success stories that come with online dating. There are dating apps that you can use to connect with people with similar interests. Within the app, you can chat and get a gist of what the person is like. Make sure you feel comfortable meeting up with someone or tell someone where you are before you do! Although the internet is an amazing place to form new connections, it can also be scary– especially if you experience a catfish.

5. Love Yourself 

Love Yourself 

Loving yourself is step one to attracting the relationship of your dreams. If you can’t be happy alone, odds are you won’t be happy in a relationship. If you focus on becoming the best version of yourself, you will eventually find someone who matches your vibe. Although being single means a lot of time spent alone, you can find ways to connect with yourself on a deeper level–whether that is yoga, journaling, or picking up a new hobby!

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