How to Date a Recently Divorced Man

Date a Recently Divorced Man

A recently divorced man may turn out to be the love of your life. Most women shy away from men who have just been divorced due to the emotional baggage they might have. But sometimes, men who have been divorced make better partners second time round, as they tend to avoid the previous mistakes. Here are a few tips to date a recently divorced man that has got your attention.

Find out more

As delicately as possible, find out more about him before you get too involved. Whether he has children, was it a messy divorce, and does he seems to be still engrossed in the trauma. He might even be trying to find out how to establish paternity in Oklahoma. You could take this as a positive sign that he cares about his child and is willing to take the responsibility of fatherhood. 

How is your relationship with him?

dating  a divorced man

You may have gone out on a few dates with a divorced man, and you really like him. If he is involved in paternity establishment, it might be distracting him. You can choose to wait, if you find that you are both compatible, and have a smooth relationship.

It might be worth waiting for him to resolve divorce and paternity issues, if you think that the relationship could turn out to be a worthwhile one.

Don’t fall for excuses

A divorced man might be shy of commitment, and make his divorce a reason for not calling or showing up and so on. There is no excuse for this behavior, but then you should not push for commitment after a few dates, especially if he has gone through a messy divorce.

A newly divorced man without kids and who has had a smooth mutual agreement divorce has no excuses! 

Do not be the shrink

 relationship issues

His problems with his ex should not become your problems, neither should you two be analyzing his past relationship. If you are playing the shrink, then you should really take a second look at your relationship, and make sure that you are not the “rebound girl”. Maybe you should stay away if you are not the focus of the relationship. 

Don’t rush things

While dating a recently divorced man, expect relationship milestones to be a little slower. For example, giving your relationship an official label, meeting his or your parents, meeting the kid/s, meeting friends and so on might take some time. His family and kids might be reluctant to meet the new person in his life, so you have to be patient.

Once bitten, twice shy as they say! Amicable divorces are painful too, so your divorced man might be hesitant to take the plunge into a new relationship. It’s better to take things a little slow, and wait for him to get over the issues, if you truly care for him, and think that he is serious about you too.

A new relationship is always complicated, and divorce doesn’t make it easier! 

Money might be an issue

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Divorce is an expensive affair, lawyer fees, alimony as well as child support. It might take him some time to have enough money to splurge on you, take you out for pricey restaurant dinners. Be prepared to go on affordable dates, which can be just as fun actually. Picnics on the beach, cozy movie nights at home are some things you can do together and bond.

A recently divorced man may be the man for you, if you get along well, and are patient. He should be open about his past, and not carry too much emotional baggage that can cause trouble between you and him.

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