How to fill in big age gap between you and your partner

fill in big age gap between you and your partner

Love knows no bounds, love is blind, these are some sayings we all often hear about love. Well these are not mere sayings but is reality. Love actually is blind and it knows no boundaries, as there are instances when people fall in love with a person who does not belong to their community, class, religion, and even age.

Yes, people tend to fall in love with someone who is either older or younger to the, because falling in love is never planned, it is an instant happening that just happens. If you happen to like a person, or if it is something like love at first sight then you just cannot help what age the person belongs to, and how big or less the age difference is between you both.

Some people make a fuss about age gaps in love relationships but in reality, having a partner elder to you or vice versa is no problem at all. One can have as lovely and happy relationship with one’s partner despite having a big age gap provided one knows how to make that big age gap small. Scroll through to find out several ways you can use to eliminate the big age gap between you and your partner:

Consider personality not age

 age gap between you and your partner

Never forget the phrase – age is just a number. This saying holds so true because no matter how old you are, if you are young at heart, it will show up and you would definitely looks years younger than your age. If you believe this, then you can be as cheerful and bubbly even in your fifties and sixties, and even someone in his twenties can be as mature and reserved like someone in his fifties.

Age is just a number, if you are ten or twenty years older to your partner, you can still behave and have a personality that matches with the young age of your partner. Doing so would cut the big age gap between you and your partner and you will be happy together always.

Remember that you belong to a different generation

If you are the elder partner, or the younger, remember that your better half belongs to another generation, and you cannot help but adjust with their difference of opinions and likings. Although, this situation is applicable when there is minimum age gap of ten years between partners. Dealing with such a situation can be difficult if either of the partners is rigid and stubborn and is not ready to understand and accept partner’s opinion and viewpoint. On the other hand, things become way more convenient and easy when the partners happily agree to understand each other.

Focus on commonalities

big age difference

If there is a big age difference between you and your partner then one way to make it a happy relationship is to concentrate on your common interests. Despite that big age gap, if you and your partner enjoy doing a couple of things together, have similar liking and disliking, and various other similar interests, then make sure you leave the things that you thing are dissimilar in both of you and try to concentrate on those things that are similar. Doing this would make you both happier in each other’s company, thus, making your relationship a success.

Do not treat your relationship as special

If your relation is the one with a big age difference then ensure you do not make it quite obvious and treat it as a very unique and a special relationship. Try to keep it normal and behave as if it is just like any other relationship, and believe you me, the age gap difference would never ever come in your way.


Age gap in a relationship is not a problem until both the partners have love, understanding, and respect for each other. Both the partners must get the hang of several ways that can help them reduce the age gap between them and their partner.

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