Tips to help you deal with the rebound feeling and moving on


Getting over a breakup for many is a task that is hard to achieve, and for some of them it is like the end of the world. After a breakup, people even start eating unhealthy, keeping themselves isolated from the outer world, feeling sad and emotionally distracted and they always stay alone. When things gets worsened, they even get into the state of depression which is very unfortunate. Overall, getting over a breakup needs some effort and time for the person concerned and some small steps that can actually prove to be beneficial in this regard.

Avoiding further contact with ex

Emotional pain

After a breakup, with a hard heart you may find yourself not in a position to stay calm and control your emotions. But terminating all the contacts with your ex, whether it is through social networking sites or phone, is the most effective way which can help you in coming out from the bad state after the breakup. Staying in touch even after the breakup because of any reason will make it very difficult for you to move on in life.



Rather than drowning yourself in sadness and depression after a breakup, meet your close friends and family members and engage in some nice conversations with them to feel light and calm. It is very important to socialize and divert your mind in some other activities to get rid of the bad effects of the breakup. Start it slowly, and push yourself to meet other people who are quite important in your life. At first, it may be difficult for you, but soon you will get hold of it, and it will be a pleasant feeling to spend time with people who are close to your heart.

Sometimes it is fine to cry

it is fine to cry

It is a fact that when you are grief stricken, sad or getting through painful emotions, crying is the best way out which can make you feel better. Sometime, repressing the negative emotions can be very dangerous and may result in various changes in your behaviour like you can feel heavily annoyed, cranky and frustrated all the time. For saving yourself from the emotional breakdowns at inappropriate time and place, it is very important to allow your feelings come out in the form of tears or a serious conversation with a close friend.

Talk about your feelings

Talk about your feelings

Talking to a close friend about your feelings, your ex and your present situation will prove to be very beneficial in taking yourself out from the negative feelings after the break up. Talk to an honest friend who can cheer you up, understand your condition, and help you in getting out of the situation. Speak your heart out in front of your well-wisher and you will actually feel lighter.

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