So what if you are in love—Money matters in marriage!

Communication is one magical formula that solves so many problems and issues between couples. The more a couple communicates the less they tend to fight or drift apart owing to misunderstandings that happen owing to the lack of communication between love partners. Some issues couples find fun to talk to each other but some issues just scare them, as they feel talking on such issues brings certain negativity in a relationship.

Money is one such issue couples prefer to sweep under carpet all the time; probably they do not realize that having transparency in money matters brings in a lot more good. There is no need to avoid money matters in relationships; rather one must talk them out in detail.

Tips to talk money without losing your love

Financial transparency

Lack of money

Besides love, trust and other essentials of a healthy relationship, financial transparency is yet another essential feature that influences the quality of a love relationship between two people. If a couple craves to have a healthy relationship but both the partners never share their financial status, in such circumstances the intimacy in a relationship can never be achieved. Be very clear and open to your partner about every debt or any financial decision you take, do not let financial infidelity ruin your relation.

Consider your partner’s money personality

partner’s money personality

You and your partner have your own money personalities, you can be a spender and your partner can be a saver, or vice versa. Probably you both have the same money personality or you both are poles apart. If you keep in mind your and your partner’s money personality, it would be easier to talk money with your partner, and your conversation will be more effective.

Top ways to resolve monetary conflicts in a long-term relationship

monetary conflicts

Following are some tried and tested ways you can follow to bring in money compatibility in your relationship, which means to have a long-term relationship that is free from monetary conflicts:

Discuss it beforehand

Couple having money problems

A couple should discuss their financial goals and aims before they get married. Doing so does not shock or dishearten people after few years of togetherness because they know it all from the start, whatever their financial condition and planning is. You must be clear about your savings, debts, insurance policies, and other financial matters with your partner.

Be Honest

Happy family with money

Never hide your spendthrift nature initially, or else it would come as a shock to your partner after some time, which obviously would not do any good. The best way is to tell your partner not to interfere in your small purchase and neither would you do so, unless your expenditure seems to be a severe threat to your and your partner’s financial security.

Balance it

Fashion beautiful couple in love holding money the family budget

Suppose both you and your partner earn but your partner earns lesser than you do. In such a case should not go for the equal expenditure policy but for the one that enables your partner to have some money after their contribution in the monthly expenditure. This way the partner who earns less will be able to save some money, and the one who earns more would not feel the burden to pay it all by him.

Save individually


Here you can have your will, as in whether you feel like disclosing your secret savings to your partner or not. It is better if both the partners do this saving and make each other understand their motive behind this saving.

Money matter undoubtedly is one of the most complex matters to discuss in a relationship. If a couple maintains transparency and considers some other principles of money matters in a relationship, they can have a happy and healthy relationship without any trouble.

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