Signs that your new girlfriend is high maintenance

new girlfriend

You are finally dating a girl who looks great and may be the one that you have always fantasized. Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing, but when this turns into something that is more stressful than a blessing, you may have to step back and think what have you got yourself into. Here are some red flags that clearly indicate you have a high maintenance girl in your hands.

She worries too much about her looks

her looks

It is good that a girl wants to look her best at all times and especially when she is with you. Nevertheless, there is a difference between just wanting to look good and being obsessed with her looks. If your girl is constantly worried about the way she appears and talks nothing else apart from that; you may want to sit and think what you are heading into.

You do not have your personal space

personal space

Being in a relationship is good, but as much as it is important that the two of you should spend time; it is equally important to have your personal space. If your girl is constantly all over you and does not understand the word personal space, you are in deep trouble.

Her mother always tells her what to do

Her mother

The bond between a mother and child is unbreakable. When it comes to daughters, the bond is very strong. It is a good thing if she has a mother who is guiding her, but when that guidance becomes a dictatorship, it is not cool. If your girl is constantly asking her mother if she can do something, it is best to withdraw nicely. Not that it is wrong to do so, but then there is a limit to everything.

She is not open to feedbacks


Some girls can accept feedbacks easily. Then there are some girls who always feel that they can never be wrong.  If you are dating a girl who is not open to feedback, it is defiantly a sign that things can get worse in the long run. No doubt, there are chances that she may change, but honestly, that is very rare.

Your girlfriend is always complaining and appears to be a victim


Some girls do have a tendency to wine or complain about things. If the reasons are right, it is not a problem. The real problem comes when she has to complain about everything and anything happening around her. What makes it worse is when she is constantly playing the victim. Why complicate life when you can make it simple?

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