Scientifically proven ways of attracting the opposite sex


Attractive people fare better in life, it cannot be denied. They are considered to be more credible and trustworthy. But how can one be more attractive? You can only change your looks as you cannot alter your genes.

Instead of focusing on your looks, why don’t you work exactly on what the opposite gender wants from you? There are scientifically backed tips and tricks that can make you appear more attractive and thus, increase your chances of attracting the opposite sex.

For women

Wear red if you are a woman

Wear red

Science has proven that no matter where you live, men are universally attracted to the color red. It denotes love, passion, and heat. You will automatically look more attractive if you are wearing a red outfit.

According to researchers, men perceive women wearing red as more passionate and sexually receptive.

Use your body language

body language

We are communicating all the time with others without even speaking. By altering your body language a little you can appear more sexually receptive to the opposite sex.

Try to appear open by not crossing your legs and arms, showing your wrists and palm, and touching them lightly on arms. You can opt out of touching them if they appear to be uncomfortable.

Wear red lipstick

Wear red lipstick

You can always count on the color red when it comes to attracting opposite sex, just like we mentioned above. Wearing red lipstick is another way of attracting a guy’s attention.

Since lips are one of the most attractive parts of a woman’s body, smearing them with a red lipstick increases the degree of attraction. According to a study conducted at Manchester University, men looked at women’s lips for seven complete seconds especially if they were painted red in comparison to hair and eyes at which they focused for not more than one second.

Smile more

Smile more

To simplify the attraction process, use biology; to attract opposite sex, you need to be appearing to give what the opposite is looking for. Smiling will make you appear more sexually receptive and friendly and thus, appealing.

A study carried by The University of British Columbia concludes that the best expression on a woman’s face is a smile.

For men

Shave your beard


This might be surprising but the results of a recent study that were published in Oxford journal concluded that women are more attracted to clean shaved men than bearded guys.

The results showed that bearded men look more aggressive and of higher status, but less physically attractive.

Play hard to get


A subtle game of playing hard to get might actually attract the woman you have been trying to get the attention of in contrast to giving her all of your attention.

According to a research, a woman is more likely to be occupied with the thoughts of a man about whom she isn’t sure whether or not he likes her. A little mystery will keep her engrossed with your thoughts.

Have a good sense of humor


A good sense of humor is one of the most desirable traits. Having the ability to crack someone up can increase your attractiveness dramatically. Women are more attracted to men who can make them laugh.

The link of attractiveness and humor is directly related to the evolutionary past. Humor requires considerable intelligence and creativity, and getting a child by a humorous person would transfer the same qualities to the offspring.  This is something that makes a humorous person very sexually attractive.

No wonder women like funny men more.

Appear proud and relaxed


Just as smiling women are more attractive to men, proud men attract women. Smiling is associated with femininity and thus, smiling men are less attractive in comparison to men who appear slightly proud.

Appearing relaxed and serene also charms women. Appearing as if you are under constant stress indicates that you are unable to deal with difficult circumstances. On the other hand, a man who appears relaxed appears as if he is able to handle stressful situations well. It automatically attracts women as it is seen as a desirable trait and good genes that could be passed on to children.

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