Secrets to Enjoying a Joint Hen and Stag Do

Enjoying a Joint Hen and Stag

Instead of having a stag and hen party separately; you and your friends can combine the two parties together and increase your fun. Since this is the last night of freedom for the bride as well as the groom, it is important that it should be something special. It is also a perfect way for the bride and groom’s sides to get to know each other. Here are a few tips and list of activities or games you can consider for the hen and stag do party.

Tips to plan the combined party

Deciding when and where to have the party

Enjoying a Joint Hen and Stag

Since you are combining the two parties together, it is important to plan when you want to have the party. This also includes if you want this to be a day, night or overnight affair. You also need to make sure that you book the venue well in advance.

Choosing the ideal location

The ideal location is purely based on what all you plan to do during the party. This includes the type of games or activities you have planned. The duration of the party, in case if it is a whole night or weekend affair, then book the hotel rooms accordingly and make other such arrangements.

Planning the games and activities for the Hen and Stag do

If you are going to combine the two parties together, then you should make sure that you plan things out properly. Having a few games and activities is one of the best ways to bring in some fun and bond together.

A few activities or games you can play

Poker night

If all of you are poker fans, then why not plan a poker night. You can bring in a little fun element to it by putting small chits of paper for those who lose the task. In these chits, you can get the loser of the game to perform various funny things to make the night fun.

Scavenger Hunt

Release the scavengers lose and let them go for a nice hunt. While planning the tasks, think of activities that are weird, fun and exciting as well. You can even plan a scavenger hunt if you are planning to go camping or out of the city for the weekend.

Pool volleyball

Enjoying a Joint Hen and Stag

The fun in playing pool volleyball is not expressible in words. This is a perfect way to enjoy a few hours at the pool. You play the game based on the couples within the group, the boys vs. girls or the groom vs. the bride.

A dance party

A dance party is the easiest thing to plan. However, when you bring in a surprise element; it only increases the fun element. Instead of just a simple dance party, you can call in some professional dancers or even strippers to perform.

Yacht charter

If you are a close group of friends that are known to both the bride and groom, then this is a perfect way to plan your bonding time. You can rent a yacht and plan a nice yacht party; do not forget to include some fun water activities as well.

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