Lovely logics that make life blissful

Very few human beings feel the contentment for long in their lives, as some or the other thing crops up that makes them sad or leaves them craving for something they do not have. To have a strong desire for something you do not have is good but to ignore all your blessings and only crave for what you do not have makes life miserable. Whether you have less or much, you should always be thankful to God and count your blessings, as this is the key to happiness. There are some other lovely logics, if people start applying them in their lives, they would never feel discontentment and sadness in their lives. Continue reading and find some magical logics of a blissful life:

Make Peace with your Past so it doesn’t spoil your Present

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Life is a journey that resembles a roller coaster ride, full of vicissitudes. Some people choose hanging on their past while being in the present, which is pretty painful. This is one mistake many human beings make and feel the sadness and discontentment in life. To save yourself from such misery you ought to make peace with your past, which means accept what has happened and pick the best from your mistakes, learn what action of yours brought you misery and failure and use it to make your life successful in future. If you do so, your past would never come in the way of your happy present life.

Time heals almost everything, give the time, some time

time for self

You all must have heard the phrase – time heals everything. No matter how big or small the scar is, it will heal with time. However, some people fail to understand this saying and do not believe in it. They are the ones whom others perceive as the weak ones because they do not give themselves some time to heal. It is imperative that the one in pain give some time to himself to heal with full faith and confidence.

What others think of you is none of your business

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Some people keep feeling bad that other people think of them as selfish whereas they know how generous they are. Another instance is of a girl who has many boys as her friends but she feels bad whenever she comes across some neighbors who think she is a slut. Likewise, numerous instances make people unhappy in life just because they feel bad when people quote them wrong. All such people must get this straight that what others think of them has nothing to with their real character. Just believe in yourself, love and respect yourself, and the rest will follow.

No one is the reason for your happiness except you yourself

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One cannot find true happiness and joy in the outside world, as one can find within oneself. Human being is a social animal and people and circumstances around do influence him, he depends upon people for happiness but over dependence on people around only brings pain. It is much better to love oneself and depend upon oneself for the true happiness.

Don’t compare your life with others, you have no idea what their journey is all about

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Often we human beings compare our life with that of others. Some people compare the wealth, some looks, and some achievements of other people to theirs. They term people who look the best, have best of wealth, and have achieved a lot in their life the luckiest, and this comparison brings no good but inferiority complex. Get inspired but do not compare because you really do not know what their life actually is.

Stop thinking too much, it’s alright not to know all the answers

stop thinking

The one who has all the wisdom is certainly the one who gets major respect worldwide but it is not possible to know the answer to each question. Doing brainstorming is good but feeling intense disheartenment on not getting ideal answer is not good. There are questions that do not have ideal answers, so just move on.

Smile, you do not own all the problems in the world

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Even if things are not going as per your plans in life, you ought to smile. You all must have heard that smile can brighten up even the darkest of days, this is absolutely true. You can make your hardships look small if you smile.


The lovely logics inspire a person to rise above worries and hassle in life, and lead a positive and an optimistic life, an attitude that makes life easier and happier.

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