Knowing the culprits that make people fall out of love

Falling in love is just so good and falling out of love is annoying and frustrating. No matter how much we hate it, it is a part of so many people’s lives. Even if one partner falls out of love, it eventually leads to a breakdown of a relationship. There are some reasons that underlie people falling out of love, and following are some of those reasons:

Absence of balance

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Ideal balance between compromise and individuality is a key factor that makes two people together in a relationship, happy and satisfied almost forever. The day one partner starts overpowering other partner’s feelings and expectations, or if one partner starts compromising his expectations and yielding to her expectations, the imbalance comes in, which makes one or both the partners fall out of love.

A shaky foundation

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Some relationships start in bewilderment, as you happen to like a person but some other things bother you. Still you decide to move on with your relation without solving the issues bothering you, but after sometime, this reason becomes a matter of everyday conflict that eventually leads to one person or both falling out of love. This could also happen if partners keep hopping from one level to another in relationship too fast.

Keeping a grudge

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There are fights and conflicts in every relationship and it is absolutely normal. Some couples hold grudges against each other, which is not normal but extremely harmful for their love and relation. After conflict is resolved and apologies have been made, the fight and the ill feelings should be all gone. If one carries on with the ill feelings in heart, the love eventually dies.

The lack of communication

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They say proper communication is a secret to happy relationship, so this means the lack of communication is the enemy and takes away the happiness. When one partner starts getting a feeling that his partner is not available for any sort of conversation, it is a major turn off. If this continues to happen for long, the love ultimately dies.

The trust break

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As we all know trust is a very essential factor that keeps two people close in a love relationship. Trust is that factor that brings two people so close physically and emotionally but if one of the partners happens to break this trust, it becomes almost impossible for the other partner to accept them just the way they used to in the past. Depending upon the intensity of the trust break some partners forget everything and accept their partner, while others just do not forget the betrayal and they fall out of love.

That was’nt really love

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Sometimes two people start a relationship because somehow they mistake lust for love. It is sheer lust between them but they take it for love. Such a relationship just does not last long and when the reality surfaces both the partners tend to fall out of love. In this case falling out of love is not apt, as love was never there even in the start as well.


Nobody thinks initially that their relationship will reach a stage wherein they will be no more in love with their partner but still this happens to many people. Love just does not last a lifetime in some people’s case, and they fall out of love. There are some reasons that are responsible for this behavior of human beings, and if those reasons are understood and people try to refrain from such factors, probably they will never fall out of love.

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