Is it true relationships are more materialistic today?

materialistic love

Are you among those couples who believe that their life would be simple and their relationship would improve with materialistic pleasure? If you too think that money can help to make your conjugal life happy and peaceful, then think twice. The foundation of your relationship is materialistic if you think money can bring peace in your life. In this case, it is easier to fall apart if financial security no longer exist. There are people who find it difficult moving away from materialistic wants in a relationship and never respect the value of true love.

materialistic love

Is it true that relationships are based on materialistic need?

Well, in this modern age, the youngsters are not prepared for commitment, sacrifices, or for the unconditional love. They are scared to invest their affection that is required to make a relationship work. Why is it so? This is because they have developed a bad habit of getting everything easily and putting in effort is not their cup of tea. But they fail to understand the truth that materialistic relationships are not real and it won’t last forever.

“Do not fall in love with a materialistic person, they cannot love you back”

The modern age relationships are ruled by materialistic and worldly pleasures. A greedy person gets into a relation to get a partner to party, to extract gifts and enjoy the partner’s monetary pleasures. He/she does not need a partner to spend quality time with each other and create memories.

The concept of lifelong partner is a myth as the emotions are transient and once the excitement of the relation fades, people find solace on other materialistic things. So never fall in love with a materialistic person as he/she can never love you back.

Do materialistic things really matter?

your perfect love

Some agree and some disagree. People who think it matters, are never satisfied with the things they have, and always set eyes on something that doesn’t belong to them. They always compare with others instead of focusing on what they have. Therefore, it is important moving away from materialistic wants in a relationship, if you truly love someone.

Is it true that worldly pleasures are more important than a relationship?

Well, it is not completely true, as there are many couples whose relationship is based on true love. There are real stories of unconditional love and sacrifice as they think that money doesn’t sustain a relationship. The materialistic relationships are not real as they do not withstand challenging times of the life.

It is not true that love has completely vanished, there are couples sharing selfless love for one another. Do materialistic things really matter?  Only the youth can answer this question.

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