Appreciating your life and the moment right now

Appreciating your life

That one thing which is responsible for several problems in our lives is that we forget our present. We are busy hanging on to our past or planning our future. In this vicious circle, we miss the important things in our lives. Before we realize it, this wonderful present becomes our past. Therefore, here are some ways by which you can live for your present with a smile on your face.

  1. Express gratitude for the gift of life

Learn to be thankful for your life and the wonderful things in it. Try to understand that life is precious and every moment of your life is very important. Stop brooding about your past and stop blaming others for where you are today. Tell yourself that the few troubles that you have may be because of wrong choices you made. So let go the past and just be happy that you saw today’s sunrise.

  1. Appreciating life

Appreciating life

We have become too materialistic and that is where the entire problem lies. Every day for some time, just forget your tablet or smartphone and look around. You will find there is so much happiness in the chirping of the birds and the dancing trees. Feel the breeze brush past your cheeks and hear the fluttering of your heart when you see a pretty face. Learn to enjoy that precious moment when your little one places her hand on your palm and smiles. Learn to appreciate these small but precious things in your life.

  1. Look at the less fortunate

Look at the less fortunate

Our problem is when we own a bike we want to drive a car. However, what we forget to realize is that there are people who do not even have feet to walk. Look at the less fortunate people. Probably when you were fretting that you do not have the latest smartphone there was a person who crying because he had no food to feed his family. If you look at the life of the destitute, you will realize that you have a wonderful present for which you should be thankful.

  1. Cut down your needs

Cut down your needs

If you want to enjoy life to the fullest then you need to cut down your needs. All these worries about the future are only because we dream of a lavish future, which may be a little difficult to achieve. Our failure to fulfil these unrealistic needs jeopardizes our present. Therefore, it is important that we cut down our needs. We have to learn to be happy with the little that we have so that we can have a happier present.

  1. Stop comparing

Stop comparing

If neighbour has a new and bigger television set while you have the same old model makes you sulk and you kill your happy present. Therefore, it is important that you stop comparing yourself and your near and dear ones with others. If your friend’s son scored full marks in maths does not mean that the 70 % marks that your son scored is bad. When you end up in this cycle of comparison, you end up being irritated and irritate your near and dear ones.

  1. Say goodbye to negativity and smile

Say goodbye to negativity and smile

Bid adieu to negative thoughts. Stop thinking about what if I lose my job tomorrow?  What if I cannot get that promotion? Just learn to be more positive. Remind yourself that you will continue to do your best and you will get the best back. Just smile even when things do not look fine.

Life is all about enjoying today. You have to keep in mind that today is a gift and therefore it is called “present”. So stop worrying and enjoy the gift of life.

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