Could your office romance really be a viable relationship?

Spending a great deal of time in office, sometimes doing extra hours just to ensure your good position in the company, and living with the team as one family, all are qualities of efficient employees who take a company to all new heights. They are good employees and are supposed to maintain the office decorum and value the work ethics but first they are human beings.

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They have an instinct called love in them, and this naughty instinct makes some employees fall in love with each other, and majority of the times the office romances have disastrous consequences not only for the couple but for the company as well.

Probably this is why many organizations do not encourage office romances. However, if a couple exerts control over emotions and do everything just right, then there is nothing stopping office romance from being a viable happening. Following are some tips, guidance, and rules everybody must consider who want to indulge in something known as office romance.

Check with the company policy

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The first thing that should come to your mind is the office policy, as in whether they allow any office romances or is it a sin. If the company does not entertain any such happenings, then refraining from office romances works best in your interest. If you find yourself unable to do this then come what may, you have to have control over your emotions and feelings and socialize outside your workplace.

No contact through office technology

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Never use your office technology, as in e-mails and texting each other from the official account or using official telephone line to call each other. You should know this that offices have absolute authority to keep a check on each happening, they can check your mails and tap telephone calls if required and you could be trapped. Therefore, keep it private and date with discretion.

Be hush about it

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Many employees look down upon office romances, and if such people get to know about your affair, they are potent enough to make your life in office miserable. Imagine yourself passing by and some of your colleagues checking you out and passing some remarks. This would not happen if you and your partner keep your relation secret as far as possible.

These were some tips that can help you have a blissful office romance, and if you do not consider all these rules then following are some risks that you might experience:

Others think of you as partial

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If you are the boss and you have fallen in love with your subordinate then obviously you would like to give her a special treatment over others. If you practice such a behavior then all the other employees would form a negative opinion about you for being a partial boss, and this could damage your company’s performance.

Be practical

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You are the boss, your relationship with your subordinate ends and you fire her, or both work at same level in the company and after breakup one decides to quit the company. This is not how it should be, you must have a practical and a realistic approach to all this. Be brave enough to withstand the after effects of your broken relationship while being there in your respective job profiles.

Office romance is not everyone’s cup of tea for sure, as only those who have extreme control over their emotions and mind, or the ones who value office rules can have a successful office romance.

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