Important life lessons by married couples to unmarried ones

Before your wedding, you are loaded with lessons for a successful and happy marriage by the family and friends. They may seem funny at that time, but if you seriously implement the advice in your life, it can save several couples from divorce. Consider reading some life lessons that married people want to share with the unmarried couples.

Be polite when you talk

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You must talk to your spouse in kind and polite tone, else it may sound as if you are commanding to do something. You can use terms like please if you want something done and end up saying thank you, as it will reflect your respect for the spouse.

Do small little things to keep the closeness alive


Watch movies while cuddling up in a couch, eating ice creams and popcorns to keep the closeness alive. You must let love be around you by exchanging kisses and organizing candle light dinners.

Cherish sharing bed with your soul mate

Couple in Love

There cannot be a better feeling than starting and ending the day with your spouse. Live your favorite moments in bed and love each other unconditionally.

Talk about the problems

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If you find difficulty with some habits of your spouse or the work is forbidding you from spending quality time, discuss it with your spouse. This is because there are some issues that are not worth fighting and can be sorted by healthy talks.

Help each other in household chores

Couple in kitchen

After marriage, it is not only the duty of women to do the chores- as it may cause frustration. You must help each other and can even take turns to do the chores.

Marriage is a long journey and you need to make efforts to keep happiness alive in your relationship. You will commit mistakes, learn lessons each time, face hard times and joy – but this is how life goes, isn’t it?

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