Why men behave differently when around women

Certain men behave in a very different manner on seeing a young attractive woman. He seems casual with guys, but around a woman he tries to be at his best: making her laugh, showing fine etiquette along with best body language. But sometimes his behavior seems completely different. Why?  Consider reading the reasons why men change their behavior around women.

Men become dumb on being noticed by a woman

Side view of business man with folders flirting in office with his colleague with pretty smile in red jacket looking at him, with copy space on the wall

If a man discovers that a woman is observing him, he goes blank and loses the ability to think. You may find him confused not knowing how to react and it  keeps him wandering around.

Men spend extravagantly around women

Happy family thinking how to spend money

On being observed by women, men spend more money to flaunt their status and wealth. They do not bother for what purpose they had been carrying the money or use their cards just to show off.

Men eat a lot around women

Men eat a lot

Men become nervous around girls and prefer eating in order to appear cool rather than sitting still. They keep eating until the time they feel girls are gazing at them.

Men like making money around women

Broker losing money

Men like presenting themselves as smart individuals and love to make money when women are around, as this increases their self-esteem and makes them confident.

Meeting attractive women inculcates feeling of an unhappy relationship in men

Three young successful people or business person celebrating wit

Men on encountering good-looking females develop an unsatisfied feeling in their relationship, especially if they have an average looking partner.

Men become impatient on seeing attractive women

Men become impatient

Men loses the will power and patience on meeting a smart attractive women and you can see a notable change in their behavior that allows them to go up to any extent.

Men can do anything to impress women

Men can do anything to impress women

Men can try all odds to impress women, even if it may sound foolish to do so.

Men have the tendency to adopt an indifferent behavior when being observed by women in order to give the impression of smart, cool and wealthy individuals.

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