How to be funny on your first date


A sense of humor is much appreciated, first date or otherwise. Girls like a funny man, with quick wit and the ability to crack her up. Some men have the innate virtue of making people laugh, which works out great for them on their dates. If you want to have a light, funny first date, you can too. You just have to remember a few tips, but the most important tip of all? Be your natural self, as far as possible, and slip in the funny humor as part of the conversation. Be confident in what you say and you will surely impress your date.

How to be funny on first date

Try to know your date

Try to know your date

Every person is different and has a different sense of humor. If you want your funny first date with a girl, you have to gauge what makes her laugh. Don’t think that what one girl found hilarious, another one would too, so you should first try to sense what kind of things she would laugh at. Most people laugh at things they can relate to, so you can find some joke or some incident which is humorous and she will ‘get’ the humor of it. Just make sure that you don’t offend her in any way.

No sexist jokes

Girls do NOT find sexist humor funny. What might have cracked you and your friends up, will definitely not send her into peals of laughter, if you share a joke which shows the opposite sex in a bad light. Don’t be patronizing either, and your date will be fine.

Try to develop your wit

Try to develop your wit

Witty people are some of the most envied people in the world. They come up with original things to say and spending time in their company is a delight. They say things which are seemingly funny but actually will make you think. You can develop your sensitivity to various issues and share your thoughts and ideas in a light-hearted manner. But if you want a funny first date with a girl, do not share political satire with her if she is not into politics. Politics as a topic should not feature at all on a first date! It is off-putting to most girls.

Practice being witty with your friends by genuinely offering your views in an entertaining way and slowly you will master the art of being funny on a first date.

Don’t be a clown

Funny is good, but being too funny has its pitfalls. You might get ‘friendzoned’ and that is certainly not what you want. Girls want to be with a guy they perceive as being serious about life, and if you crack jokes about anything and everything, you will quickly go from being attractive to a comedian who’s trying too hard. So one of the ways of how to be funny first date, is not to try very hard to be funny all the time. Just make lighthearted comments when the time is right, and focus on getting to know her the rest of the time.

Learn a few jokes

Learn a few jokes

Have a repertoire of jokes for a funny first date. The jokes should not make fun of others, or make fun of women or the ‘differently abled’ or any religious figure. Women get put off by jokes which are not in good taste. Slapstick humor is not what we’re talking about, as some women do find slapstick funny. But you have to take your chances with that.

Work out the best timing

Do not force your humor on your date. Let it come naturally in context of the conversation, which means that your timing is right. However, even though your joke is the funniest, if the timing isn’t right, it will fall flat and lead to a perplexed silence rather than peals of laughter.



The secret to a good first date is to relax and have fun. Just enjoy getting to know the person sitting in front of you. If you share a natural vibe, whatever you say will be taken well by her. If not, being the funniest person in the room will not be enough. Your first date with someone has a chance of working out better if you appear to be easygoing and relaxed.

Share funny incidents

People who are funny have the ability to laugh at themselves. Those who can do this can make others laugh too. You can share anything funny or embarrassing which happened to you. This will turn your date into a memorable, funny first date, and will get your companion to open up too.

Know some funny shows

Friends funny show

Some can’t have more of The Simpsons and some women find ‘Friends’ and ‘Big Bang Theory’ irresistible. If you don’t have anything to talk about, then you might discuss the characters eccentricities of these and other shows. Usually, a mention of their favorite show brings a smile to most girls’ faces.

Brush up on your knowledge of music, TV, films, actors and comedians – you cannot memorize anything before going on a date as it’s not an exam you’re cramming for. You just have to watch these shows in a sincere way, and if you don’t like them, then even that can be a topic of discussion. Do not however, try to imitate ‘Ace Ventura’ to make her laugh – it will more likely make her run away.

Ask them about their worst date

One of the surefire ways of how to be funny on a first date is to ask your date about her worst ever date. This might get you both laughing and you can share your funny story of a terrible date. This might break the ice and get you both laughing helplessly. Share more stories of terrible dates or experiences, but do change the topic if she starts talking about her ex.

List your biggest pet peeves

Ask your date’s pet peeves

This is a good way of getting to know your date and to get some humor in the conversation. It makes the conversation fun and entertaining, as people are generally surprised by other people’s peeves. This is one of the things you can make a list of at home, and can naturally say on your date. Ask your date’s pet peeves as well, and who knows, you may find something in common!

Ask about favorite food when she was a child

Remember what your favorite food was when you were a kid? As kids, we had weird favorites in food (make up something pretty funny if you don’t remember what it was!), which is quite funny now when we look back. This is one of the questions which usually lightens the mood and eases conversation! In the same vein, you can talk about the weirdest food you have ever eaten, why and so on. Food is a neutral safe ground to talk about, and you might discover that you both tasted the same wacky food, and add to the hilarity.

Steer the conversation to favorite movies, actors, actresses

A funny first date

A funny first date which is spontaneous and effortless is possible when you both start talking about things which interest you like movies and actors, which often leads to humor. Ask her which celeb you remind her of – you’ll immediately find out whether she finds you attractive or already been put in the friend category. How? Well, if she identifies you with a hot celeb, then you have the chance of a romantic connection! BTW, keep your humor intact, you never know who she will compare you to!

Another good ploy to make a date funny is to talk about the worst horror movie. Talking about corny movies can make you laugh really hard, especially the zombie and vampire movie spoofs. Pro-tip: brush up the names of these movies before you go on the date!

Telling her about the worst thing you did in school will elicit laughter too. So will the game ‘Never have I ever’, which is a game where you say something quite atrocious you have done, and if it happens to be a common thing then you both drink to that. It’s a simple game, loads of fun, and you also get to know the naughty side of your date!

Take advantage of situational humor

Be keenly alert to your surroundings. If you see something funny around you, point it out to your date. For example, a dog might walk by with a funny crown or boots. Or maybe you see a misspelled sign in the restaurant, this is something quite funny too. Situational humor can make your effort to make her laugh much easier.

Quit the humor

Quit the humor

If she does not have a huge sense of humor, or rather none at all, stop the jokes for later when you get to know her better. She might find it off-putting if you launch into a joke, and make the date quite awkward. Funny is good only when the person sitting in front of you appreciates it. Some people view funny people as being insecure or even disrespectful. So, though you may have heard that a funny first date will establish a good relationship, it’s not always true.

Avoid being sarcastic

Most girls do not find sarcasm funny, unless it is from seasoned comedians, which you are not. Sarcasm about anything might make you seem bitter and it does not create a positive vibe. However, if the girl you’re with is sarcastic too, then you two will hit it off, and who knows maybe become soulmates, sarcastically laughing into the sunset!

Choose the setting

Couple having dinner

If you’re not sure whether you can pull off being funny, choose a setting where you do not have to do much talking! A movie followed by dinner is a good idea, as you can discuss the movie together. Going bowling or hiking together is great too, especially if you both are into outdoor sports and spaces. But it’s a pretty bad idea to surprise your date with a ‘surprise’ hike on the first date, if she’s not into it.

Poor girl may be all dressed up and in her highest heels and you just cannot drag her to sweat in the vast, open outdoors. This situation can be saved by your razor sharp wit, and if you can get her to laugh, it will be a win-win situation for you.

Do not use derogatory humor

You can make her laugh at your expense, but please do not laugh at her appearance or profession. It may be light hearted, or you may not mean anything by it, but still it is quite offensive and rude to laugh at someone you have just met. A funny first date rule is never to laugh at your date, girls are quite sensitive to it and you will be written off in an instant. Don’t be surprised if she goes to the restroom and never comes back! So funny has its drawbacks too, if you cross the line.

Go to a comedy club

Go to a comedy club

If you really like to laugh, but you’re not so funny yourself, take her to a standup comedy night, maybe to one of her favorite comedian’s shows. You’d win serious brownie points with this one, without you having to rack your brains for something funny to say. Or go to the latest comedy movies which will improve the mood.

The desert island ploy

This is a fun game for any situation – asking what she would take with her to a deserted island, even to create a funny first date. Your date and you have the freedom to say anything and everything, which can result in loads of laughter. If you find the date is not going the way you wanted, ask her this question, and see the atmosphere change.

Find out if she is enjoying your jokes or not – if she is laughing politely, or not laughing at all, then your attempt at humor is not going down well. Or else you have to find a topic which your date can relate to and can understand the humor. Don’t be annoying and persist in your attempts at laughter, if she is not into it. Just change your tracks quickly and talk about other things.

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