7 Things that every woman wants from her man

Things that every woman wants from her man

‘Women are meant to be loved and not to be understood.’

  • Oscar Wilde

Who doesn’t want to understand women? Everyone does. But who actually understands them? Even women don’t understand themselves. It’s because a woman isn’t a logic for one to understand. Women are just women. There’s no analogy here. And all they want is for you to accept them the way they are. But no matter how enigmatic they may seem, there are 7 things that literally every woman wants from her man. What are these 7 things? Let’s take a look.

7 Things that ever woman wants from a man

1. Loyalty and strength of character

Loyalty and strength of character

If she really loves you and thinks that you are the one, she wants to mean the whole world to you, just like you mean the whole world to her. By two timing her or by simply showing too much interest in other women, you would be rebuffing the pretty little world that she wants you to be a part of.

On the other hand, by being emotionally available, giving priority to her, and spending quality time with her, you can assure her of your loyalty.

Loyalty is the first step towards making her fall head over heels for you. If you fail here, there’s nothing else you can do to recover the loss.

2. Honesty

Having secrets

Women generally don’t like worrying. It’s bad for their beauty. And what makes her worry the most? When you are not honest with her. There’s a good deal of difference between when you are telling the truth and when you telling a lie. Even linguists confirm the same. So, just speak your mind to her. Your honesty would assure her that she occupies a special place in your life, and she would repay you back with much love and honesty on her part. Having secrets with each other just creates distance between you. Honesty is the backbone for a long-lasting relationship.

3. Romance


Romance has become somewhat of a cliché now. And what people do for it has also become a cliché. So, to really show your love for her, you should find a way to do something completely out of the ordinary. Send gifts to her without any reason. Surprise her by taking her out for lunch during her office break. Leave love notes for her whenever you get time. In case you have to stay apart for a long time, by using smartphone apps for couples continuously remind her of your undying love for her. Don’t shy away from doing little things for the sake of her happiness, as that is what love is about.

4. Security


She might be having her mood swings, but if you are there for her every time, standing firm like a rock, you would become simply irresistible. Simple words like ‘Don’t worry, I’m there for you’ and ‘We are in this together’ are good enough to make her feel safe and secure.

On the other hand, you should avoid showing yourself as overly masculine or being too judgmental and possessive. All these leave a bad impression. At best these might make her think that you are trying to show that you are superior to her. So just be natural with your care.

5. An understanding nature

An understanding nature

A lot of guys shrink from trying to understand women by simply saying that ‘No one can understand women.’ But actually no one is wanting you to understand her. What are you going to do by understanding her? You aren’t thinking about writing a novel, are you? You should understand that there’s a lot of difference in understanding someone and in being understanding.

For being understanding, you just need to know what makes her happy. How to distract her when something is worrying her. Have a detailed knowledge about her likes and dislikes.

Apart from that, you should also ask her for her opinion before taking any important decision. Leave no opportunity to make her feel that she is loved.

6. Compassion


When it comes to a long-lasting relationship compassion is thousands time more important than passion. Compassion literally means suffering together. Nothing would make her feel closer to you than when she finds out that you feel her pain.

In case, however, if the feeling of compassion seems alien to you, don’t worry. You can artificially develop it. Practicing mindfulness, being grateful and having positive self-talk are few things you can do to develop compassion.

7. Patience (listen to her)

Couple Talking

There are many self-help books that state that women speak 20,000 words when compared to 7,000 words uttered by men. But it is false assertion. It owes its inception to the common belief that women speak more than men. However, according to actual researches carried out on the same grounds, they use almost same number of words. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t listen to your special one when she speaks just as much as you do. Even if what she is saying seems trivial to you, don’t ignore it. You never know what you might find if you listen carefully to her.

Final Words

Remember, relationships are like birds. If you hold them too tight, they choke; if you let them loose, they fly away. But if you hold them with care, they last a lifetime. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you can rest assured that she would have nothing to complain about.

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