Dealing with the common marital arguments like a pro

Marriages bring a lot of happiness in people’s lives but they also bring a fair share of problems and conflicts. Even the finest marriages and the best couples tend to fight and argue at times. The arguments are not severe but they do cause bitterness between couples and if such arguments keep recurring, they cause a permanent damage to a relationship as well.

fighting couple

In order to nip such arguments in the bud, one needs to know what such arguments are and how to keep them at bay. Click through to find out some of the most common marital arguments couple have and some tips that can keep them from recurring.

The difference lies in the fact that some couples know the peacekeeping tactics well and keep their arguments at bay, while the others fail to get the hang of such tactics and their relationship suffers miserably on account of recurring arguments and conflicts.

Respect the in-laws

respect in-laws

Almost every couple would relate to this one issue, the respect for in-laws. Many times people feel dissatisfied with the behavior and respect their partner show gives to their parents, as in their partner’s in-laws. A husband arguing to wife regarding the lack of respect she shows to his parents, and vice versa. This is a very common issue and deadly too, as it has ruined and ended so many relationships. To save your relationship from this disaster, both husband and wife should respects each other’s parents and family members just as they respect their own parents and family.

Partiality between mother and wife

mother and wife (2)

Often wives complain that their husband gives more importance, and supports their mother all the time. It is quite frustrating for wives to go through something like this, which leads to breakouts between the couple. Husbands should always take their wife and mother as equal and try his level best to keep both at same scale.

Expenditure and saving

Expenditure and saving

Some of the couples not just argue but enter a serious verbal fight on this one issue. This happens when both the partners are not on the same page regarding money, as in how much is to be saved and how much to be spent. To avoid this situation both the partners should take the decision in unison and get away with any sort of confusion about finances.


sex problems (3)

Many couples often have to face marital arguments mainly because of the missing sexual compatibility. One partner finds another incapable to satisfy his sexual desire, and this usually happens when couples do not communicate much. They somehow think that their partner would understand their feelings without their uttering a word. Partners should always discuss things after making out, so that every partner gets to know each other’s sexual demands well.

Having a baby

couple starting a family

This one reason is so common, and almost all of you would agree. Many couples enter conflicts regarding the time they want to have a baby. At times, the wife feels she is not ready, and the other times the husband shows unwillingness for such a big responsibility now. This decision has to be the one that has equal consent of both the partners, so make sure before marriage or soon after marriage; you both put across your thinking so that later you do not have to face any conflict.


You can ask your married friends and some other known people as to what are the issues they usually argue upon with their partner, and most probably you will find almost every couple fights upon similar issues.

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