Things a woman should know about her boyfriend to make a happier relationship

It requires the coordinated efforts of both the girlfriend and the boyfriend to make a relationship happy and satisfying. Well, here we are going to talk about the efforts girlfriends must put to get along well with their boyfriends and to have a blissful relationship. Many girlfriends complain that their boyfriends are pretty annoying and are complex human beings to understand.

anoyed girlfriend

Some of their qualities are so maddening, and boys do not even realize that how disturbing some of their behavioral characteristics are for their girlfriends to bear. However, girlfriends also need to understand that there are some qualities in men that they just cannot change and the only way to make situation better is to accept those qualities in your man.

You cannot change him completely

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As his girlfriend, you can try your best to change his every behavior and mannerism to what you like but there is a word of caution for you that no matter how much you try, you can never change them completely. There is certain stubbornness in their trait that keeps them away from complete changes and they stick to things and behavioral traits they like. There is no need to waste energy and time on forcing him to change, rather accept who he is and feel good even if he changes a bit for you.

He cannot sacrifice his friends’ company

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Many girlfriends tend to ignore their friends just to be with their love all the time. Well, it is not the same at the other end, as boys never ever sacrifice their friend’s company even for the most intimate moments with their girlfriend. Therefore, stop trying so hard to keep them away from their friends because come what may, they always manage to have their way when it comes to their friends.

He will always check out other women

check out other women

This one is the most maddening one for all the girlfriends. Noticing their boyfriend checking out other women is so frustrating but you really cannot help it. One thing almost every boy or a man does, and no matter how much you tell them not to do so, they will still do it. All girlfriends should make peace with this situation. It is a reflex action men cannot avoid, look at other women even when their own girl is looking red hot. So next time you see your guy checking out some other girl, just ignore it, provided he does not start drooling over her.

Their facial hair

man in rough look

Not all men like that clean shaved look, and they fall for bearded rough looks. They look good in too but sometimes it gets hard for their girlfriends to have comfortable intimate moments with them with all their rough, piercing facial hair bothering you. You need to accept their passion for the rough looks.

Accept the type of love he has to offer you

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Many a times, girls expect their boyfriends to be overly romantic, like the ones who order hundreds of red roses, chocolates and stand outside their door early morning. However, there are also the ones who do not do all such romantic things but do love you in a different way. They do not feel any need to prove their love with all such ways but this does not mean they love you any less. Accept whatever type of love your boyfriend has to offer you.


There is no point fighting over some issues and to hurt your ego rather try to accept some of those annoying habits of your boyfriend. Believe it, there is no other way better than to accept and make peace with your man’s habits and experience contentment.

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