6 – Most common reasons behind breakups

reasons behind breakups

As they say, it is easier to fall in love than to stay in love. A couple breaks up for a number of reasons and the reasons differ from person to person. Some couple fights a lot, some cheat with their partner, hiding a number of things in day to day life. People have so many reasons behind the breakups; however, there are some reasons behind breakups that are extremely common. These are related deeply to our psychology. We have listed six of them here:

1.     Trust issues are the most common factor

Trust issues


This is one of the common problems almost every couple experience when they are into a relationship. Lack of trust or loss of trust is one of the most upsetting issues in any relationship. Without trust, no relationship can survive and it leads to split. If you do not trust a person, you are missing out two things in life and key factors, i.e. Safety and security.

Trust issue includes jealousy, awkward strictness, and emotional betrayal, lack of reliability, emotional support and most important lack of supportive goals. If you find that trust is the major issue in your relationship, then find out where all the things going wrong and what is the issue behind this. You can sit together and work on this by talking and discussing.

2.     Compatibility Issues

Compatibility Issues

The compatibility issue is a bigger topic in the relationship. Compatibility here means existing or living together in peace, happiness and in harmony. When the couple relates to each other in many things that is compatibility. It’s not important that you both should have to accept everything and be on the same page at every situation, it’s more about how you deal with the situation and make it understandable for each other.

3.     Communication Issues

Lack of communication

Now, this is the big one and key to any relationship. Lack of communication ruins so many relationships. Numerous studies have proved that lack of communication issues is one of the top reasons in the breakups. If you are living away from each other, people lack this habit and routine. They indulge themselves so much in their work that they don’t get time for their loved ones. Because of this, they don’t get time to communicate, send a message or call. Sometimes it can be a genuine reason but slowly it gets over the relationship. Because of this a gap comes in between and it becomes tough for the two people to survive in it and destroys the health and well being of a relationship.  

4.     Being unsupportive

Being unsupportive

When a person is down or he/she is stressed because of some issues or event in their life, the first things they want is the support from their loved ones. If you can’t support each other in these situations, your relationship is not worth it and it is useless. In a way when a person needs your support and you are not providing it, you are communicating that it’s not worth your time and energy. This makes the person feel worthless and hence they start to feel detached from their partner. If you can’t support or be there for your partner when they need, it’s better to move on and leave. Supporting each other in hard times is what a relationship is all about.

5.     The first year of a relationship comes with many challenges

couple breakup within the 1-year mark of their relationship

According to the relationship experts, many couple breakup within the 1-year mark of their relationship and there is a reason behind this. As they say, there are three stages of the first year of the relationship, projection, lack of expectation and power struggle. When you get into the relationship, you see things as you wanted to see in your partner, and not in reality. The second stage becomes more realistic and cynicism sets in and this is the reason why many people break up in this period as you are seeing the things as they are in reality.  This period is a reality check and it occours between three to nine months. And the last one is the power struggle where you two conflict, argue and if your relationship sustains after this, you are successful in it.

6.     Giving up

make a healthy relationship

When you are in a relationship, compromises are the part of it. This is what many people don’t relate to. To make a healthy relationship, the couple faces a lot of challenges. They have to withstand with the test of time. Lack of patience might ruin this. Every individual is different, their views, likes and dislikes are different, and so it becomes difficult for many people to deal and they move away with it. Giving up is the reason behind this as people doesn’t like to compromise a little because of their partners and it leads to a bitter relation in future.

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