5- Interesting Psychological Facts for Motivation

Interesting Psychological Facts for Motivation

True that motivation comes from within oneself. However, external factors like your friends and the environment you put yourself into too have a great impact on your performance. Scientific studies show that dealing with your emotions a certain way tends to drive and motivate your instincts leading you to perform much better than you’d generally have.

These psychological facts for motivation have been coined by numerous researchers of human psychology over the years and are true to their last word. If you are searching for facts about inspiration and motivation to get your impulses going, here are 5!

Set smaller goals:

Set smaller goals

Plenty of facts about inspiration and motivation say that if you have a bigger goal in mind, you need to break it down into smaller, achievable, daily tasks. These, when added up, will definitely cause you to reach that bigger goal in due time. However, if you tire yourself out with that big goal in mind right from the get-go, chances are you may get demotivated.

The trick is to focus on the task at hand for the day. Rest everything else will fall into place eventually. If you find your progress becoming paralysed and you can’t move forward, try breaking down your bigger goal into even smaller parts. This tip goes a long way in beating Monday blues too!

Surround yourself with winners:

You are the average product of the 5 closest people you surround yourself with. In other words, if your closest friends are 5 losers, you’ll be the 6th. But if they are 5 successful and motivated people, you will be the 6th.

It is up to you to decide what company you want to keep. No matter what company you choose, you’ll end up becoming like them sooner or later. This is one of those practical psychological facts for motivation which plays a major role in and getting you to excel in life.

Measure your progress:

Measure your progress

As the popular saying goes, “What gets measured, improves.” Which is why, you need to track your progress each day or each week. this will show you a constant rise or dip or a plateau in your performance that will go on to motivate you.

Measure your progress frequently and see where you’re lacking. This will help you in beating Monday blues too. Psychology says that visuals like pictures work better than plain text at making your mind understand. Create a graph or pie chart to visualise your progress and watch yourself get motivated to improve!

Fake it till you make it:

This is one of the best psychological facts for motivation to come across. If you feel like you are lacking an area of interest and wish to improve, one simple trick is to get in a mind-zone to fake your expertise in that subject.

For example, if you wish to gain an upper hand in public speaking, give yourself a pep talk saying that you are already good at it. Your mind will perceive it to be true, and eventually you will master your hand at it. Pep talk also works the best for motivating yourself when you are feeling low.

Work-out before your day begins:

Work-out before your day begins

Exercising gets your hormones running. Your blood circulation improves, and you feel driven and energised. It gives your mind a feeling of accomplishment right at the start of the day. Let this feeling stay for the rest of your day too.

If you are looking for motivating yourself when you are feeling low, the best exercise is to run. When your day starts on a happy note like this, you are bound to continue feeling the same all through the day. This will pave way for better motivation and more success ahead of you.

Summing it up:

Now that you know what can motivate your body and mind, it’s time to put it into action. Using these facts to your advantage may be quite difficult, especially in the beginning. You may be accustomed to living your life within your comfort zone.

But these psychological facts for motivation will push you to the edge of it, and beyond, so that you are better able to accomplish your goals. With your mind and body by your side, there is no battle you can leave unfinished. All you now need to do is put your foot to the pedal and get on with it!

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