Tips on finding success in online dating

Many people find satisfaction and love in online dating. It is certainly a commendable invention that has made so many lives cheerful and happy. It is fun to post your pictures, browse someone else’s pictures, and if two people happen to like each other at first instance, the conversation starts that sometimes leads to long term committed relationships as well. However, many people find it difficult to get much likes and to hook up with someone they tend to like online. Probably they do not like the picture they post, or they do not find their comments interesting, to a number of other reasons that really matter to make online dating successful. If you are someone who wants to find some tips on how to make your online dating a successful one then just scroll through:

First comes the profile picture

Your profile picture is like a mouthpiece that speaks volumes about you. Nobody takes the pain these days to spend a good deal of time on someone’s online profile if there is no eye-catching profile picture. Take a superb photo of yours, you can always ask your friend to take some nice face and body shots of yours. To get luckier, you can also take help of a professional photographer to get some real classy photographs. Do not forget to update your pictures at frequent intervals. Flaunt as much as you can and there is quite a possibility you will get as many likes and friends online.

No desperate friend requests

You know inside that you are quite on a hunt for amazing girls and boys online but you do not have to show this to them. If you will send request to every single girl or a boy you think is good then this behavior would only show your anxiety and eagerness, and nothing else. Mind you, for many girls and boys, this type behavior online are a major turn off. On the other hand, if keep your choice minimal and do not try to be nice with girls you see online, there are chances that some of them might themselves start sending you requests.

Choose someone with similar motive and interests

Choosing someone who shares your interests and motives is a very important rule of online dating. Unlike online shopping wherein you can pick anything you like, in online dating you should look for people who are somewhat like you. You can have a thorough research of their profiles and read what they are looking for. If you land up on some profile that has same motives like yours, bang on. You can start exchanging mails and texts with such people and if you were lucky enough, soon you would get a desired reply. On the other hand, if you find someone has opposite motives then it is better to leave on such profiles.

Impressive conversation

Once you start conversing with your online mate, make sure you do not do silly things. You need to go through their profiles thoroughly and attentively so that you remember well what they have mentioned. Do not ask them what they like to do when they are free, what their hobby, their favorite place, is or where they live because all these are basic questions that they have answered in their profile already.

Have valid demands

Many girls and boys make baseless and too high expectations in their profile, such as they want a girl who is six feet tall, a boy who looks like Brad Pitt, and blah blah blah. I mean what on earth do you think of yourself dude! I am sure this is what would be the reply of any girl or a boy who sees your profile and you would not be able to make your online dating a success ever. Therefore, have expectations but only the valid ones.


Online dating is fun to do but it demands one to have certain skills that make it a success, and without which it is just a failure.

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