Comparisons are a deadly poison for your relationship

Comparison, a word with which we humans relate really well. It is something we all do at one or the other point in our lives. During childhood, we compare the set of toys we have to our friends and cousins. Then sometimes parents compare our study pattern and potential with the kids next door, even teachers in class compare on students marks and performance with the others.

When we grow up, the process of comparison becomes even intense and wide, as there are innumerable things and matters we compare with others. In some situations, doing a comparison is good while for some other situations it is bad. For instance, comparing the prices of clothes that we wear, the foods at restaurants, or brands is fine, but when it comes to comparing your love relationship with that of others can sometimes do damage and create conflicts between partners.

Sometimes comparison in relationships is harmless and can be rewarding, but that depends upon the situation and the particular thing in your relationship that you try to compare. So, in all comparison in a relationship is a tricky thing and one should indulge in it only if one is confident about what they are doing. On the other hand, one must refrain from comparisons if one feels one does not know this tactic well.

Comparison with your past

Many a times, couples start to compare their relationship in the present with what it was in the past or during the initial years of their courtship. Many partners start blaming each other for numerous reasons, complaining about not spending enough time together, or feeling that love and romance have diminished in the relationship, to many silly reasons.

Every partner must realize that if even today, after so many years of togetherness you are still together that means love has not vanished and is still there. It is a fact that no couple can stay together if there is no love in between them. Therefore, stop complaining, that is just silly.

Comparison with other couples

This is something many couple does, to compare their love story and love life with some other couples. Most probably, the fights that a couple has and they compare it with the other couples. If your relationship has something real close like this situation, then you really need to stop, think, analyze, and find a solution.

How can you ever compare your relationship with some other couple who are two different human beings with their own set of individuality? Well, sorry to say but it is shameful. Every human being is different and has a capacity to behave and react differently. The level of fights and love in your relationship can never be the same with any other couple on this entire earth. So, stop comparing, as it only brings negativity and conflicts in your and your beloved’s bond, nothing good.

If you so feel that sometimes comparison become the dire need to make your better half understand what you want them to do, then you must get the hang of this tactic well or just do not use it. Never say that the other couple does this and that, as it would only make your partner mad at you. All you need to understand is the approach that you should be using to make him or her understand. Use the direct approach, like you can say I want you to be like this my love, and not as if you want him to be like your friend’s or some known’s partner.


Couple must understand that every human being is different; no two individuals are the same. Therefore, do not ever compare your relationship with that of others because it does cause harm.

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