Keeping your relationship a long lasting one: The old school way

Love relationship is not about togetherness and bonding of a day but of a pretty long time, and sometimes a lifetime. We call it eternal togetherness and it demands efforts from both the partners. Some habits and activities interfere with and hamper this eternal togetherness between couples. A couple must know what those habits and activities are that harm the eternal bond because knowing them is the best way to avoid them.

What wrong you are doing in the relationship?

You do not plan trips together

couple on vacation

Planning and going out on trips together strengthens the bond that a couple shares. Be it a small day out or a big trip you go for on vacation, they are necessary and one must make such plans quite regularly. Such trips kind of breathe new life into a relationship.

You do not appreciate each other

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Some couples with time stop appreciating each other, be it appreciating each other’s looks, nature, behavior, way of dressing, or any other aspect for that matter. This is one of the biggest mistakes couples make, which directly attacks their eternal togetherness, making it vulnerable to vanish. Appreciation is must.

You consider imperfections more and perfections less

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When you fall in love with someone, you tend to ignore their imperfections and all you see is their perfections. After sometime, the focus is shifted to imperfections and you start ignoring your partner’s perfections, which often cause conflicts and arguments between couples. The best way you can cure such situation is to force yourself to consider perfections, things and abilities that your partner possesses rather than to focus abilities that they do not possess. Learn to appreciate whatever you have got in your lot.

You allow your ego and work to come in between

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Ego is the worst culprit that eats away happiness and the charm of a relationship. To be happy and in love with each other in a relationship, you must keep ego aside and should never let it overpower you. Another thing that sometimes destroys and shakes a relationship is work, when one or both the partners let their work come in the way of their relationship and their bond.

You must understand that both work and love are equally important in life, so come what may, you have to strike a balance between both, or else suffer from weakness and unhappiness in your relationship.

The best tip for longevity of a relationship

problems in a relationship

Those who truly love each other crave for longevity of their relationship but sometimes unknowingly and unintentionally, they start behaving in a manner that works against their eternal togetherness. Things sometimes turn so bad between a couple that a time comes when they even stop talking to each other and the only thing that keeps them in a relationship is the fact that they stay under one roof. You must ensure that your relationship never ever hit this rough patch and for this, both the partners must talk.

Talking to each other can solve more than half of the problems in a relationship just like that. They say the best lovers are the best friends first, and we all know that best friends talk a lot, they talk their hearts out to each other. Love partners must do the same in order to strengthen their bond and to achieve eternal togetherness as a couple. Whatever you feel, whatever complaint you have, you must talk it out with your partner at the earliest.

If a couple desires to have eternal togetherness, they should keep ego aside, should never take each other for granted, and should talk to each other so much as both know every single thing about each other because transparency is the key to longevity in a relationship.

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