How to know if your partner’s heart is still with his/her ex

Nothings could be worse than the fact that the person you love more than your life is lost in thoughts of someone one else. The feeling is even more painful when that someone comes out to be his/her ex who is supposed to be the last person on his/her mind. Here are a few signs to know that your partner is still into his/her ex.

You get to hear a lot about him/her

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It is quite natural that once you are over your ex you mention him/her but only rarely. When you find your partner always talking about his/her ex then it must ring the bell. It hardly matters whether your partner sings his/her praises or criticizes him/her. It is a strong indication that your partner is still not over his/her ex.

Social media lookout

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When your partner constantly checks the profile of his/her ex and makes comment on his/her latest photographs, then you must know that he/she is not over him/her. If your partner likes his/her ex’s latest post occasionally it is all right but if social media means a time to check him/her out then you must be aware.

Those people who are not over their exes usually spend a lot of time chatting with them or glancing through their profile updates. They try to keep themselves aware of what’s happening in their ex’s life or whether they are seeing someone or not. You can certainly notice some fluctuations in their mood on daily basis especially after shutting down their computer system at nighttime.

Feeling uncomfortable when ex is around

Feeling uncomfortable


It is quite natural to be a little uncomfortable when someone you were in love with is around but if this feeling brings along some excitement then it is not a positive sign for you.

If you and your partner are sitting in a corner of a restaurant and he/she literally jumps off the chair seeing his/her ex sitting there with someone else, it’s time to have a little discussion. The moment you and your partner suddenly come across his/her ex should not bring a spark in his/her eyes or make him/her utterly uncomfortable.

Avoiding his/her ex



Psychologists believe that talking about his/her ex all the time is surely an indication that your partner still have him/her on his mind but avoiding to talk about him/her is also an indication. There are times when couples discuss their past and it does not affect their relationships.

However, if your partner always avoids talking about his/her ex or gets into a rage when you happen to mention him/her then it indicates that he/she still has strong feelings for him/her. It’ a small world, at times you happen to meet those who used to be a part of your life or your partner’s life. In such situations if your partner is not over his/her ex, he/she would certainly try to run away from there.

Curious to know more

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If your partner is still interested in his/her ex’s whereabouts, it indicates that he/she is still not over him/her. It is quite natural that the way your partner has moved on or pretends to be, his/her ex must have started dating someone else. If the fact that his/her ex is with someone else bothers your partner then you certainly owe an explanation.

If you find your partner making enquires about his/her ex, then you must know that he/she is still not over him/her. Talk to your partner about it and make him/her understand that he should move on in life leaving his/her past behind.

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