How to be a happy couple that makes all others jealous

Happy couples make everyone envy. You wish you could have the same love and happiness in your love life. Most couples fail to understand that they must be fully committed to their relationship and make their best efforts to make it even more beautiful. Here are a few tips:

Do not get into an argument when others are around

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Do not forget that the person who has decided to spend his/her entire life with you deserves a lot of respect on your part. Your partner loves and respects you the same way you treat him/her. There are times when you cannot control yourself and lose temper but it’s always better to discuss things when you two are alone. Make it a rule and follow it strictly come what may.

Enjoy being with your partner

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Couples usually prefer friends to spend time with, especially in long-term relationships. The reason is quite strange. They say their friends are easy to get along with and they understand them to the core.

On the contrary, happy couples love being with each other. They rarely leave a single opportunity to spend quality time together. They hardly need anyone else to share their problems with or to enjoy happy moments of everyday life. Do things you both enjoy. Go for a movie, take a walk in the park or cook your favorite food together.

Respect the limitations

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You certainly cannot go on hitting on people who come across you once you are committed to your partner. There are certain untold truths and limitations that you both have to comply with that further strengthen the bond. Once you know about the liking and disliking of your partner, make sure you are always in control. Of course, the understanding has to be mutual so that it keeps you together all your life.


View of a couple in their bedroom.

No doubt, intimacy plays an important role to bring your two even closer. It keeps your love life fresh as ever and makes your partner feel important. Happy couples do not hesitate to spice up their sex lives from time to time as it keep them curious for more. Keep the sparks alive and keep yourself in touch with the physical part of your love life. You can never be too busy to make time to sleep next to your partner making him/her feel warm.

Offer forgiveness

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As they say it’s human to err, you cannot expect your partner to be perfect since there are no perfect couples. It is all right to make a face or to get angry if your partner hurts you or fail to live up to your expectations. However, forgive your partner once he/she realizes the mistake or feels bad for it. It is also important that you do not hesitate to feel sorry when you make a mistake. Do not make sarcastic comments or say things that may hurt your partner.

Give genuine compliments

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There are always things you secretly appreciate about your partner. Things that make him/her special for you or make your heart skip a beat. Why not bring the rabbit out of the bag and give some genuine compliments to your partner.

Your partner would feel good about him/her self and would certainly return the favor. Happy couples always make sure they treat each other nice and appreciate the honest efforts of their partners.

Commitment fuels your love

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You are either committed to a relationship or not committed at all, as there is no other way to look at it. How can you hurt someone who has made the decision to grow old with you? You certainly get attracted to other people but that temptation can never be stronger than your love for your true soul mate once you are committed.

Happy couples live in the same world and they are certainly not aliens to problems of love life. It is just that they never let anything come between them and their love for their soul mates.

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