Coping with the ignorance of your husband

It is hard for a wife to stand the ignorance of her husband as she finds it difficult to understand the fact that someone who loved her more than her life has changed suddenly. This sudden change usually steps in gradually.

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In most cases, once the honeymoon phase is over or after having kids husband starts behaving differently. Sometimes you feel as if you are living with a stranger under one roof. Here are a few simple tips to deal with the ignorance:

Point out the upsetting behavior patterns

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It is important that your partner knows your side of the story. Point out the specific behavior patterns that bother you or that have changed drastically with time. Make sure you do not sound sarcastic since the idea is to let him know what actually troubles you.

Analyze your thoughts

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There are times when you never even get to know that you are expecting too much. It is important that you analyze your own thoughts and feelings to make sure you are on the right track. Share the feelings with your partner since you cannot expect your partner to be a super human to know how you feel.

Ask what you want from your partner. Time changes and so do relationships with time. You must learn to accept the change as this is a part of a healthy relationship. With time, the priorities change as kids bring along a baggage of responsibilities.

Change the routine

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You have a busy routine when you work but if you happen to be a homemaker, it gets a bit difficult to kill time. A shift in the routine can be a great help. Get up early in the morning and take some exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit.

You get confident when you feel good about yourself and that certainly reflects in your behavior. It not only keeps you busy but also helps you get attention of your partner. Take up a job or get involved in social work to make the best use of your time.

Practice self-compassion

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Do not forget that you are above everything else. You cannot expect others to value you if your do not love and value yourself. Treat yourself nice and be your best friend. It is important to have the love and support of your partner but that does not take away the fact that you are above everything else. Make new friends and confide in them if they are trustworthy.

Talk to your husband

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If things go beyond extreme you must talk to your husband in person and make him aware of the way you feel. The discussion must not take the form of an argument since that serves no purpose.

It is more like an attempt to find a way out rather the fact that he owes an explanation. Tell him that his behavior makes you feel terribly bad and you find it hard to deal with it anymore. Most husbands always use their work life as an excuse or do not give a clear answer. However, if you are able to convey your true feeling your chances are bright.

Seek professional help and make a decision

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It is always good to seek professional help. Sometimes all you need is a little shift in your thoughts to broaden your perspective to look at your life. Marriage counselors can help you do that. Make efforts to save your relationship and ask for the support of your husband to do that.

There are times when things get really out of control and you have to make a decision that can change your life forever but that has to be the last option. You are better off living alone than to be in relationship that is nothing but a burden.

Relationships are valuable. Most couples realize it only when things get out of control. Sometimes you have to go that extra mile to save your valuable relationships.

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