5 Most effective tips to make your partner love you even more

Your partner loves you even more when he/she knows that you really value him/her. It is important not to impose yourself on your partner and to make him/her aware of your true feelings.

Accept your partner for what he/she truly is and be more understanding since as soon as the first phase of your love life ends, you must make efforts to take it to another level. Of course, it feels great to be in a relationship that makes you feel alive and brings out the best in you.

Plan a time away

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Plan a family picnic or go visit your relatives for a while since it can give you some time away from your partner. Sometimes you really need to add spark to your relationships and a time away from him/her is the best way to do that.

Do not go on sharing all the details over the phone when you are miles away from the love of your life as the motive is to make your partner miss you even more. As they say out of sight out of mind, stay in touch, as you surely do not want him/her to get involved with someone else.

Start sending some sweet messages after a while. Tell your partner that you miss the way he/she holds your hands and cuddles you. The time away from your partner would make him/her want you even more.

Know your partner to the core

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It is always helpful to know your partner so that you can use the information to give him/her beautiful surprises. You may have to observe him/her closely and make a list of things he/she admires the most.

Do not forget to include the behavior patterns that he admires the most. When you know how he/she usually reacts to particular situations, it’s easier to do things that pleases him/her the most. Your partner would really appreciate the fact that you can actually read his/her mind. Nonverbal cues that convey the way your partner feels for you prove great help to understand him/her better.

Do not let misunderstanding create a distance

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At times, couples find it hard to forgive each other’s mistakes and sometimes put their relationships at stake. It is important that you do not let misunderstandings keep you from loving your partner.

Adopt forgive and forget policy since your love for each other is above everything else. Do not stop communicating since you can always work on issues that create confusion if you two are together and trust each other.

Value your partner’s opinion

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If you want your relationship to get even more beautiful with time, you must learn to respect his/her opinion. The first and foremost thing that always proves helpful for each relationship is the respect you give to the other person. It is better to compromise when you can and to make decisions that satisfy both of you. Compromising never means that you are weak but it conveys a beautiful message to your partner that you value his/her opinion.

Give words to your feelings


Do not let your relationship get monotonous with time. Be innovative when you plan a date with your partner and do something that he/she really appreciates. Do not hesitate to share your true feelings or your inner desires.

It is true as time goes by your partner actually start knowing you even better but expecting him/her to know the way you feel even before you utter up a word is crazy. Do not hesitate to ask what you want as assumptions you make can take your love life in an altogether different direction.

Do not share all the details about yourself with your partner especially in the beginning since less is always more in romantic relationships. Make yourself aware of his/her habits, likings and values so that you can make a special corner for yourself in his/her heart.

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