Weight Loss couldn’t get Easier – Exercises using Vegetables and Kitchen Equipment

Exercises using Vegetables

Who said fruits and vegetables were just for eating! You could use these humble veggies to get some exercise without going to the gym. A bag of potatoes carries weight, quite literally and metaphorically. Similarly, anyone who has ever gone grocery shopping knows that a bag full of vegetables can get the better of the best of us. So, why not, get creative and use these vegetables to do weights and other pressure related exercises right at your home. Some of these may remind you of the PT periods back in school days, however, we’re aiming for simplicity here! Following are a few exercises one can do using vegetables and achieve your weight loss goal!

Wait, before you add that 1 kg potatoes in the stew!


Yes, we all love stew but use these bags of potatoes differently. Surely, you have done squats before. However, this time, hold a 1 kg bag of potatoes in both hands before dipping down for that squat. This will create extra pressure and hence, help you lose more calories quickly. The heavier the bag of potatoes the better it is. At the same time, do not do what you can’t handle. You might end up getting seriously injured. It is for this very reason, it is ideal to stick to a feasible weight of 1 kg per hand. About 50-100 squats with those potatoes should do it for you. That’s some potato diet now, isn’t it!

Who knew cabbage could be a means of exercise?

cabbage could be a means of exercise

Well, no, nobody is asking you to go on a cabbage eating diet. However, you can surely use that cabbage to do some light exercises whilst you’re cooking in the kitchen or too lazy to go to the gym. Hold the cabbage in both hands as if it were a BOSU ball and do back bends and side bends with it. Stretch your body to its maximum possible limits. Feel the knots in your body open as you perform these exercises. Since the exercises are simple, significant weight loss is going to take a lot of time. Ideally, it will depend on how much you can really push yourself.

Switch your Vegetable Tray toward the Bottom of the Fridge


Not a day goes by wherein you don’t use vegetables. Might as well, make the best use of this opportunity. Place the vegetable tray at the bottom of the fridge wherein you shall have to bend time and again, to simply take out any vegetable. This will only work for homemakers, chefs or any of those who cook on a regular basis. Thus, if you’re not into cooking, you might have to do away with this idea completely and simply resort to doing regular, old squats. For the rest of us, life is easy as we bend down to take out a tomato or a potato whilst also squeezing in a squat. This is by far one of the easiest healthy home remedies.

The Art of Grinding

The Art of Grinding

With the age old invention of mixer grinders and blenders, grinding manually has become a forgotten art. However, grinding manually creates the right kind of pressure on all parts of the body, thereby helping you sweat it out. Hence, the next time you want a tomato puree or mint chutney, grind those for a little over an hour. Not only will they taste the loveliest, you will also have exercised whilst making it. Moreover, the ancient methods of cooking are still the most dependable and bring out the best of flavours possible. Thus, grind the food, grind your body, whip up a lovely dish and burn some calories, all at the same time!

The Rolling Pin is your Best Friend

The Rolling Pin is your Best Friend

Ensure that the pin you are using for exercising and the pin that you are using for cooking are kept separately or it can get gross. Get someone to roll the pin across your back and across your arms and legs. It will relax your muscles, make movement very easy and consequently, burn calories. You will find yourself feeling fresher and quicker.

Thus, one doesn’t always need an expensive gym membership to knock down a few kilos. Sometimes, good old healthy home remedies are really helpful! Thus, use vegetables and kitchen equipment to exercise and watch yourself transform in absolutely no time. For all you know, you might give the gym trainers a run for their money!

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