Valentine ’s Day could be an opportunity to get back with your ex

Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day for all the lovebirds and new couples. For all those who recently had a breakup would be missing and even hoping to get back with their ex. If you really want to get your ex back, you certainly have to be very sure about it. You might end up asking yourself lot of questions about contacting your ex or sending flowers. Valentine’s Day will give you a new opportunity to get back with your ex lover and make up for the things that you once lacked. You might have to put some efforts before you start your love journey with your ex, so gear up because you will need a lot of self-courage to do the following things.

Start with a simple message

The first step is always very hard thing to do, you might even delete the text millions of time and end up re-writing it anyway. Write a small greeting message like a “Hi” or “How are you?” You could also write about the upcoming Valentine’s Day and your wish to spend some time together. Always end with a sensible note and do not sound desperate. You are lucky if your cell phone beeps with a reply.

Keep your date underrated

It is definitely a positive sign from your ex that he/she also misses you and might want to give the relationship another shot. Make some arrangements before the date, but remember not to overdo things as it can turn awkward pretty quickly. It is obvious that you people might feel anxious or under pressure so it is better to keep everything simple. Before the awkward silence takes the day away, it is advisable to start the conversation on a casual note.

Give a simple gift

Do not think that by gifting something exorbitant you might get your way back to your ex’s heart. Just remember one thing that simplicity is beauty of all the expressions. Giving something that they have wished once in past would undoubtedly bring back some emotions and good memories. We understand that you are going through lot of emotions but wrapping a gift is not a place to show all your sentiments! Remember that you are starting the relationship anew, so some enthusiasm is welcome, but do not go overboard.

Keep on observing his/her reaction

You can always make out the state of the date from the reaction or expressions of your ex. You can even ask if he/she is feeling comfortable. If you get some positive signs from them, you can certainly ask them if they want to get back with you. The more time and space you will give to your ex you will realize that they are connecting more with you. When the date gets over wait for your ex’s reaction, do not force him/her to extend the date. So keep your calm, thank him/her for the amazing time, and ask if getting back would be a nice idea for them on this lovely occasion. Give your ex some time and wait for the reply. Use the knowledge you have on your ex to ascertain what makes them comfortable, and what direction the date is headed.


If you are thinking of getting back with your ex then the Valentine’s Day is a best way to give it a start. Rather than spending the Valentine’s Day feeling moping about the relationship, it is better to do something for yourself and your ex. The process will require your efforts and some innovative ideas. By putting some patience and love this Valentine’s might do some magic in your life.

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