Things to know when choosing a life partner from the same field

Offices are significant places for budding romances. Going to office nicely dressed up every day, spending your entire day there; these two things speak a lot about the possibilities of office romance. Employees often end up having crushes or infatuation for their co-workers.

office romance

Individual work is no more a feature to be found in any of the offices today, as they represent teamwork. Employees work as a team and build a bond, which works as a pushing force for an office romance. People dare to fall in love with their co-workers despite all the restrictions posed by the management. Well, if you are already a part of one or are planning to start your office romance, it is better you get to know these following things first:

Highly convenient

Couple On Vacation

Busy office schedule makes it almost impossible for people to take out some time and plan outings with their partners every other day. On the other hand, if both the partners happen to be in the same office then they can plan short and sweet outings almost every day. During lunchtime, they both can enjoy a nice lunch at a nearby restaurant, or after their office, they can plan a short and rejuvenating coffee break.

Opportunity to know him/her inside out

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Imagine yourself to be someone who is damn busy with his work in office and has no time for romance and your parents find a suitable match for you and ask you to get married at the earliest. What would you do? Well, without a doubt you will feel stuck in such a situation, as to how could you get married to someone about whom you do not know even a thing. Office romance seems to be one great opportunity that helps one save from this tough situation. You get to spend so much of time everyday with your special office mate and get to know her inside out, which helps you decide whether she is worthy to be your soul mate or not.


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Often couples complain that their partner just does not understand their work conditions and underestimates their potential. This problem never comes if your partner is from the same profession, as there is a high-level understanding. Both the partners understand how it feels to be in each other’s shoe because not only they are empathetic towards each other but also because they know each other’s work conditions like the back of their hands.

So far so good, now let us look at some dark shades of an office romance:

Your partner eyeing you all the time

romance in the office

Some partners initially behave extremely well but soon after they turn into irritating over possessive mates. Having such a partner and that too in the same office can be a real pain for you, disturbing you all the time with his suspicious eyes.

It is highly distracting


Sometimes having your love right there in the next cabin is extremely distracting, as the urge to see them repeatedly makes you restless. This does not happen when you know it for sure that you cannot leave office and go out to meet your beloved whenever you feel.

You get no time to miss them

missing partner

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but a couple indulged in office romance never gets time to be away from each other and miss each other.

Office romance has both its advantages and disadvantages, having a partner from same profession can be fortunate and can be unfortunate as well. Therefore, employees must consider all the facts related to it before they finally start with their own office romance.

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