Stop yourself from falling too hard and too fast in a relationship

If you are one of those that are quick to fall hard in relationships, and scare your partner away by popping out those three words way too quickly then these tips on how to stop yourself. Even though you feel like your partner is ‘the one’, he might take his time reaching the same conclusion about you. And just to help you keep your emotions and imaginations at a safe pace and give the relationship its time, we have some tips for you.

  1. Go out

Happy couple on a date

Let us keep the alone dates on a hold in the beginning of a new relationship. You need to know the other person better before you decide you are head over heels, and to do so you have to go out on dates in public places. Eat out/ watch a movie or enjoy a common hobby which lets you spend quality time with each other and know your partner better.

  1. Clear the air

Playful girl in leather jacket flirting with young guy at the street

Being upfront about your opinions and feelings can really help you and your partner in the long term. It can also calm down your fast growing emotions when you know how much of your feelings are also shared by your partner.

  1. Do not meet that often

Happy Couple

It is a new relationship and there is no such rule as seeing each other every single day. Let the distance work some magic and excitement and also pacing your emotions. One date a week is enough.

  1. Take a time out

couple walking in the park

Hold those emotions on a pause and take some time out for yourself where your focus is shifted from the relationship and is on more constructive things. Time can help you analyze your position and feelings much better.

  1. Set those boundaries straight

Romantic couple in park

Make it crystal clear to your partner what your intentions from the relation are. If you are not looking for a fling and want to test the relationship against time, make it very clear to avoid being pushed into one.

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