Small relationship issues you shouldn’t be fussy about

Relationships are wonderful when we’re with a correct partner and its heading the way we wanted. But as it’s said that everything is not perfect, same goes for relationships as well. No matter how hard you try but there are few things that you absolutely don’t like about your partner. This happens in every relationship, but to make the best out of your relation you need to let go few issues that aren’t really big.

Here are some of the issues that are not worth making a fuss about

  1. Alone time

Alone time

If your partner likes his/her alone time, give them some space. There’s no need to be with your partner 24/7. Everyone needs some space and alone time, it helps them to stay calm and think over few important decisions.

  1. Time for friends

Time for friends

Most couples fight a lot over this one. Well, if your partner wants to spend some time with his or her friends, what’s wrong in that? Just like you need to be with your friends for a poker’s night or a girl night out, even you partner deserves a nice time with friends.

           3. Skin conditions


Well, it may not be true to most of us, but some folks want their other half to be an epitome of beauty. Hence, when skin conditions, such as moles or warts, appear, they want them to vanish overnight or in just couple of days. Here are some best mole removal creams to help you get over the condition and regain your lost confidence.

     4. Your bestie hate your partner

bestie hate your partner

This is another worst kind of situation when your best friend and partner don’t get along with each other. But instead of making an issue, you should try to sort things between them. So, you get-together time is not spoiled every time when you have to plan an outing.

5. Spending habits

Woman with money

If your partner likes to spend a lot without thinking, then surely you need to talk to him/her. But make sure you are not nagging otherwise it will worsen the situation. Just sit down with your partner and make him/her understand that this way they are not going to have a secure future.

6. Nitpicking

Problems in relationships

Why don’t you take a shower? Why don’t you shave? Get on a diet. These are some really annoying things you should avoid saying all the time to your partner. It will only be another add on to your fight, nothing else.

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