Signs that show your relationship is headed for a crash

When a relationship starts, everything seems so dreamlike because some people are adept at hiding their real self so well that it only comes out after a certain period. Some people start-off as great partners, but slowly they start to show their real self, which is bad and selfish. This reality turns a good relationship into a toxic relation, which becomes hard for one partner to comply with. Such relationships end up soon and the ones, who keep trying to hold on, suffer a lot. Here are some telltale signs that can reveal that your relationship is not meant to continue long but crash soon.

You both crave to change each other

couple fight

Love is all about accepting each other and not feeling the strong desire all the time to change each other. If there is inability in you to accept your partner, this is one major sign that reveals the short-life of your relationship. Changing each other for good is not wrong, as in encouraging your partner to quit smoking and stuff but expecting your partner to change every habit and expect them to behave according to your will always, is certainly wrong.

Aggression and abuse


Getting angry sometimes is no problem but being in a bad mood always certainly is. Having a partner who is usually in a bad mood, screams at others, and fights with you then there is no point being with such a person. If your partner or you yourself indulge in something like physical abuse then you should in no way be in a love relationship.

Extreme of opposites never attract

opposites never attract

You all must have heard that opposites attract but extremes of opposites do not attract, rather they repel in a way that most of the times they just cannot stand each other. Actually, they both think they are correct and their thinking is the best, which means they only respect their own values and opinions and disregard each other’s opinions. So having such a partner means your relationship is bound to crash soon.



Infidelity is truly the biggest enemy of love in any relationship. Even if its once your partner cheats upon you, it becomes hell lot of difficult to trust him or her anymore. Trust once broken actually cannot mend, and if your partner breaks it often then soon you are bound to leave all patience and to step out of such a bad relationship.

Over indulgence of ex’s

about to breakup

Everybody has some or the other ex love stories in their life but when one moves on in life, it means one forgets and leaves all past connection and starts a new connection. However, if your partner talks more about his ex than you, keeps comparing you with his ex partner, then it is a sign that he still is love with his past that is not very fortunate for your present relationship with him. All this becomes extremely annoying for the present partner, which eventually leads to their breakup.

Over possessive and jealous nature

Over possessive

If either of the partner is over possessive then it becomes extremely suffocating for the other partner to be in a relationship with such a partner for long. Jealousy takes away all the charm and happiness of being together in a relationship, thus, making it crash soon.

If you and your partner shows any of these signs and you think you both cannot change, it is better, you take a stand and move out of it before it gets too late.

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