The real meaning of giving 12 red roses to someone on Valentine’s Day

From time immemorial roses have been the favorite flower of lovers. A man who wants to win the heart of a lady presents a bunch of fresh red roses to her. The rose is a versatile flower that is available in several different colors such as pink, white and yellow. Every color symbolizes something special. For example, white roses symbolize purity, devotion, innocence and peace and pink roses stand for beauty, charm, infatuation and flirtation.

 symbolism of 12 red roses

Red roses bear special significance as they are the ultimate symbol of true love. Whatever you gift your beloved, no gift is romantic enough if it is not accompanied by a bunch of red roses. Many lovers gift a bunch of twelve red roses to each other on Valentine’s Day. The number of the roses also has a special meaning. So, before you gift red roses to the love of your life, find out what its color and number symbolism means.

What is the connection between love and red roses?

 symbol of true love

Red is the color of passion, love and intimacy. Roses are the symbol of eternal beauty. According to famous poet John Keats, ‘Beauty is truth’ and the beauty of red roses symbolize true love. There is something enigmatic and enchanting about roses. They stand out easily in the crowd of flowers. The red roses have a darker hue than most other red flowers and they also have an enticing aroma. The beautiful petal arrangements of this elegant creation of nature signify the many layers of love that gets revealed throughout the course of a relationship. Another reason why red roses are the most popular flower among lovers across the world is its perfection of form. Love is also deemed to be a perfect feeling that completes a human being. That’s why the red rose is the best choice of flower for lovers.

The symbolism of 12 red roses

gift red roses

The traditional bouquet of roses consist 12 red ones which tell the recipient how much the sender loves and appreciates her. The bright red hue of the roses can appeal to anyone’s eyes and melt their hearts. Red is the color of contradiction as it not just symbolizes love and passion but also danger and aggression. Love and hate are both strong feelings that are similar in many ways.

Our feelings can swiftly transform from love to hate and hatred can also turn into feelings of love. Scientists have found that colors can affect our health and psychology. The red color increases the libido and heightens confidence. By gifting your partner red roses you can get them in the mood for love and romance.

 giving 12 red roses

A bouquet of 12 red roses is the symbol of love and adoration. In the age of Queen Victoria the language of flowers was invented. It became a common practice to send flowers as a message to someone. By sending bunch of twelve red roses lovers confessed their love for a lady. The dozen red roses also signify togetherness and unification of souls.

The twelve roses stand for every month of the year and bear the promise that you will love your partner throughout the year. As there are 12 months in a year and 12 numbers on a clock and 12 zodiac signs, many believe that 12 is the number that symbolizes a complete life cycle. Thus 12 red roses is the symbol of lifelong love and companionship.

If you are planning to gift roses to your lover on this Valentine’s Day then make sure it is a bunch of 12 red roses. A dozen red roses will communicate your love and desire to your partner and make them feel extra special on V-Day.

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