Qualities that make you an annoying boyfriend, and how you can avoid the trap

Do you ever try to analyze yourself and find out as to how much of annoying boyfriend you are? Well, no offence but there are some boyfriends who score too high on this scale and their girlfriends only know how hard it gets for them to get along well with such boyfriends. See, a love relationship is something wherein two people decide to be each other’s partner and are always with each other in both happiness and despair.

lovely couple

The one force that keeps them together so close is definitely love but also the intense likability they feel for each other. In order to be likeable, one needs to possess certain qualities that are good, which make the other person fall for you. On the other hand, some bad qualities make a partner less likable. All the boyfriends must know what those bad qualities are and how to avoid them. If you never want to be an annoying boyfriend then read further and get to know the annoying qualities and some tips that would help you avoid them:

Getting intoxicated on a date

drunken dating

You cannot even imagine how much it annoys and frustrates a girlfriend when her boyfriend gets drunk on a date. The entire situation is so embarrassing for her and a major turn off as well. When you start dating a woman, you should never forget that saving and protecting her is one of the many features of a relationship. Therefore, drink but only until a point, you are able to stand straight and drive her back home safe and sound.

Sometimes it is sexy cuddling girlfriends want and not the hotness in bed

cuddling couple

Many times girlfriends start cuddling their boyfriends lightly because all that they want is to spend some real close time with their love. However, some boyfriends fail to understand this sweet and simple gesture of their girlfriends and get the wrong end of the stick, as they remove clothes and get down to business. This situation sometimes annoys girlfriends a lot, so you need to understand the actual requirement of the situation and control your sexual instincts.

You first ask and then do not listen

ignoring man

Oh my god! This one trait super annoys girlfriends. Some boyfriends ask their girlfriends for advice. When she starts giving them a true advice then the boys do not feel like listening to them and ignore them and they either consider their own decision or consider the advice given by their friends. Girlfriends feel cheated and insulted whenever something like this takes place, so boyfriends do not ask them for any advice or if you do, ensure that you listen to them carefully.

Flirting with her girlfriends

Flirting with her girlfriends

This is the most ridiculous thing some boyfriends do and annoy their girlfriends. Firstly, they actually flirt with her friends, and when she asks them they start giving all the lame excuses on the earth including – it was she who was hitting upon me. Boys your girlfriends are not retards, so please leave behaving like jerks and stay happy with your girlfriend.

Those silly blames

silly blames

Some boyfriends know deep inside their fault but are too egoistic to accept it. Then follows a never-ending chain of silly blames they put on their girlfriends just to save their skin. When a girlfriend gets irritated with the stupid and wrong behavior of her boyfriend and questions them, the boyfriends instead of giving satisfactory answers start blaming them that they are too irritating, are the biggest drama queens, and even blame that time of month for their odd behavior. All you boyfriends be man enough to accept the wrong that you do and stop being lame.


There are certain bad qualities in boyfriends that make them so annoying for their girlfriends. Every boyfriend must educate himself on all those qualities and then try to refrain from them.

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