Qualities that define a person who is ‘motivated to marry’

We fall in love with an opposite sex, start a relationship, some turn out successful while the others end in between. Now, what is it that keeps a couple turn their dating relationship to wedlock and the absence of whose results in breakups and the end of many relationships before they could turn into wedding. What is it that must be there in your partner and you also, that can turn your relationship into a much stronger and a permanent bond that we call marriage? Well, the answer to all these queries is a set of qualities that differentiate a casual dating person from a person who is motivated to marry. Scroll through to find out those qualities:

Kindness and compassion

A partner who is not so casual in dating, and who seems to be the one motivated to marry and give lifelong commitment for sure has kindness and compassion as two qualities in his or her personality. Kindness has many forms; it can be a kind behavior towards animals, towards poor and downtrodden people and towards sick people. Their heart goes out for stray animals that other people shun, they feel compassion for people who are less blessed than they are and never feel the hesitation to reach out to such people and help them.

If you are lucky enough to get such a partner, he will be as much kind towards you as well because it is something that is there in their personality. Whenever you have a bad day or you think life is going too harsh on you, they will empathize and will be there for you always. A partner who stays with you in both thick and thin is the one you can trust on to spend your whole life with.

Is a genuine friend

They say a good partner is the one who is not just your beloved but your best friend as well. You can talk regarding anything and everything to him, and can be sure that he offers the best of support and true guidance to you always. A partner with whom you do not have to think even once before sharing the darkest truth of yours. He should be someone with whom you can have fun and behave just as what you are, no pretentions. If you have such a partner then it is a sheer bliss, as you can be sure that he would never ever let you be sad and alone.

Understands you even when you don’t utter a word

A partner whom you need not explain what you are feeling is another quality you find in a motivated to marry partner. They are people who get to know by a mere glance of your face that you are unwell or distressed, or you are elated. It is like a magic you feel when your partner at once recognizes something wrong going in your mind. All these things you cannot expect from a partner who is just there for you in your good times and has nothing to do with your bad times.

Is respectful

No matter what you do, or what decision you make, such partners would always respect your opinion and your individuality. On the other hand, you get to see many selfish partners who only like to have their ways always and make you feel, as you are not eligible to have your way.

Appreciates you

Every little thing you do to make them happy, they appreciate you so much and make you feel as if you have given the entire world to them. Appreciation is a big thing that is must for long-term relationships like marriage.


If you are on a lookout for a motivated to marry partner then there are certain qualities you need to know, which can help make your search fruitful.

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