Pitfalls that make your beautiful love relationship a miserable one

Relationships are of two types, the winning relationships and the miserable relationships. The traits of both the partners make a relationship miserable or as happy as a lark. It is the love, understanding, and care between both the partners that make their relationship blissful. On the other hand, some couples fail to manage their relationship well because they lack some good qualities that are essential to lock the happiness in a relationship, and something that their relationship has in abundance is the misunderstandings, and the lack of love and care.

If you want to keep your relationship far away from even the shadow of a miserable relationship, then get the hang of the following negative traits, know them well and try your best to not let them enter into your relationship:

Hell lot of fights

cribbing couple

Where there is love and care, small fights every now and then are pretty normal. However, there are some relationships wherein a couple loves each other but they cannot help but have huge fights too often. It seems as if four days in a week they pass through fighting and cribbing. Their immense love for each other that keeps them together despite of every other day fights but most of the times the feeling that their relationship gives them is of misery. Sometimes, the miserable conditions worsen and overpower their love for each other and one fine day such a couple splits. Therefore, fight becomes the major reason for the end of their relationship and misery, try to make peace with situations and do not view your partner as your enemy.

Bored of being with each other

bored wife

A relationship demands some interesting and engaging activities to keep a couple engrossed in each other, this goes especially for the long-term relationships. One of the most common traits that make a relationship miserable is the boredom. The partners do not feel like talking to each other, sit with each other, or to hang out with each other because they fail to find anything interesting in each other. A couple needs to be exciting and enthusiastic, ready to try new places and activities with each other, so that the element of surprise and excitement remains in their relationship and keeps away the boredom.

Jealousy between partners

Jealousy between partners

This particular trait is extremely shameful to be there in partners but sadly, it does exist and plays a crucial role in making a relationship miserable. The jealousy factor is so prominent in some couples that they even feel bad of each other’s success in place of feeling happy and supporting each other. It is such a negative feeling that serves as a sure shot factor, which eventually leads to a split.

The lack of intimacy

lack of intimacy

The number of times a couple makes out has a close connection with the level of happiness and enjoyment in a relationship. Few studies have proven that couples who make out say once a week are much more happy and relaxed than the couple who only makes out once a month. Sexual pleasure is an essential factor that keeps both partners happy and satisfied in a relationship.

Having too many divorced or separated friends

Conflict 1

Friends have a great influence on our lives and sometimes the influence is so deep that we tend to believe them almost blindly without using our own wits. One of the potent reasons that make a relationship miserable is to have some friends who are divorcees. Sometimes a couple starts to apply the tactics and ways of their divorced friends onto their relationship, which brings in a lot of misery to their relationship.


Every couple must avoid a few traits because they are the carriers of misery, and make a relationship miserable.

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