How to make him regret breaking up with you

A break up with your ex depends upon many factors and the after effects of a break up depend upon the factors that had led a split. If both the partners took the split up decision in unison then it is fine but if one partner leaves another without any valid reason, and especially when the reason is some other girl or a boy, it is damn painful. For instance, a boyfriend leaves his innocent girlfriend just because he starts liking or gets hooked up with some other girl.

Poor girlfriend is all shattered and broken. However, in such circumstances, one should not feel sad and broken; rather one should gather all strength and courage to move on. One should move on in a way that a day comes when their ex desperately starts wanting to get back together once again, and they repent and regret their decision of breaking up with you. Scroll through to find out certain ways that would make your ex repent the day he broke up with you:


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No matter how hurt and sad you are within, you never have to show this to your ex because had he been that good to understand your pain and hurt, he would have never hurt you in the first place itself. Come what may, you have to hide your tears and negative feelings in front of him and you have to look all happy and cheerful.

Your ex would not get hurt seeing your tears but he would probably get hurt seeing your happiness. Your ex must be thinking that you would be sitting at home all alone in tears, but when he will see you happy and joyous, he will be stunned. He will not be able to understand the real scenario and he will be quite at unease seeing you this way. This will make him jealous and he would start wanting you back soon, and will regret his decision.

Improve yourself

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Do not ever bring this thought to your mind that everything is over, and you are all alone just because your boyfriend or girlfriend has left you. Rather start thinking about innumerable ways to improve yourself and become a more polished person. Sit back and think about the qualities you have and the ones you lack in. Now focus on all the qualities that are not in you and put in all efforts to bring those qualities in yourself.

Start doing yoga that will make you both physically and mentally fit, and you will automatically grow on the self-confidence factor. Go for an entire makeover, a nice haircut, all new wardrobe, and all these things will make you way more confident and happy than ever before. Do not forget to improve yourself intellectually as well. The day you would improve yourself in all aspects, you would certainly become an ex-girlfriend worth regretting, and believe it that day you will feel immense sense of happiness and pride.

Don’t be alone, hang out with friends

hang out with friends

No denial that breakups hurt, one feels everything is over, and one feels like shutting oneself from the outside world. However, doing all these above things does not make circumstances better; in fact, they make the situation even worse. In place of this behavior, one should become even more outgoing and lively than before. By outgoing, we mean one should have adventure time, hang out with friends, develop a hobby, or do whatever that makes you happy.


The best way to come over a breakup, especially when your boyfriend ditches you for another girl, is to become an ex-girlfriend worth regretting.

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