It’s about time: Signs that say you need a girlfriend

Many males have gotten the wrong idea about relationships and commitments, and TV and other forms of media are to blame for this. Coming across a television program, or an article in a magazine that mocks love relationships and praise singlehood is quite common. They make men, for that matter even women feel, that being in love and with a partner is a waste of time and energy. On the other hand, being single is a journey loaded with happiness and freedom.

However, this is not true, as being in a relationship has its tremendous benefits and not being in one has its unpleasant effects. If it has been long that you are single, and you experience the following symptoms, you should understand that it is high time you get into a relationship.

Losing focus

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It has been very long that you broke up with your girlfriend, and now you are enjoying your life to the fullest. Your friends with different plans every other evening keep you so busy and happy but slowly, you are losing your focus, which is about stability in life and your career. On the other hand, being with a girlfriend is like having a driving force besides you, continuously motivating and pushing you to achieve your goals.

You develop bad eating/dressing/other habits

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This basic yet very important aspect adds value and importance to relationships. If you realize that, you had an ultimate dressing sense, flawless eating habits and a variety of such good habits when you were in a relationship, and now you have none, you should understand it is time you find a girlfriend for yourself.

This is because you feel energized and motivated to dress up well and to portray the best side of you when you are with your partner, which works wonders for your personality and life. On the other hand, being single and with friends all the time makes you feel so comfortable that you feel no urge to look special and good.

You have started looking at your good friends at potential mates

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If it has been once or twice that you were physically attracted towards a very good friend of yours, or somehow you have started to think of them as potential mates, stop. This way you can ruin your friendship, so it is better you find a girlfriend for yourself rather than trying it on your true friends.

Being single is good but not for long. A time comes when it becomes imperative for a person to get rid of selfishness and anti-relationship mindset, and welcome love in life with open arms.

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