If one could live with love only

There are times when you believe that love is everything and you do not need anything else. During this time, you even ignore the basic values and change your behavior towards people who hold an importance in your life. You show disrespect and forget commitments made to people you care about. If deeply thought, had love been sufficient to solve every problem, why would people be struggling for having other works done? One needs to understand that a healthy relationship requires dignity, self-respect and fulfilling each other’s ambitions. Love is simply not enough to live life.

The bitter realities of love

Lovely couple enjoying fall in love at park

Love is not always a wonderful experience, some bitter but truthful realities of life accompany it. No doubt, there is possibility of unconditional love but you can also fall in love with a person who treats you bad, never lets you do things you like doing the most and holds entirely different opinion than yours. The wisest decision while choosing your partner will be to use your brain instead of relying totally on your heart. Certain things done by the person you love may seem flattering and make you feel on top of the world but you need to check their values, behavior towards other people, and views in general. Moreover, you can never resolve the problems in a relationship simply by thinking that all because you love each other things will sort out. You have to stand up for maintaining your self-respect. Love does not mean sacrificing your dignity and tolerating misbehavior rather it should help you enhance your individual identity. If you are allowing love to tie you in chains then, you are losing yourself.

Love is not enough to live life and you need something more important. You need respect dignity, good understanding and trustworthy relationship.

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