Here’s a way to lift your mood: Love yourself

Many people complain they are not quite at ease with their life because the surroundings and the atmosphere with the type of people around make them uncomfortable and sometimes miserable. Probably you also believe the same. Well, before cribbing that people around you make you uncomfortable because they do not accept you for whatever you are, you should ask yourself a question – do you accept yourself for who you are?

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If you answer this question with a yes and you feel miserable owing to the people in your life then you need to reconsider your answer. Had you been accepting yourself wholly, you would never experience the stress and a bad mood because people around do no treat you the way you want them to. They do not love you until the extent you want them to love you. How can you expect others to love you unconditionally when your own love for yourself is not unconditional?

Learn to love yourself and the rest will follow


Majority of people believe they are depressed because the society or people in their lives do not love them. Come over this myth because people are not the cause of your unhappiness but you yourself are. Accept yourself for whoever you are and love everything God has blessed you with and see how your life fills with happiness and contentment.

Once happiness and sheer contentment finds a way into your life, you will enjoy being in a happy mood all the time. Here are some very simple but extremely effective ways you can follow to start loving yourself and your life condition, so that you are in a good mood always:

Say this to yourself everyday…

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I am smart, I am beautiful, I have a kind heart, I am talented, I am hard working, and the rest will automatically follow. It is a matter of self-confidence, which you ought to have to love and respect yourself. Whatever you do, you must take pride in it and be happy about it. Doing this can prevent you from going astray, as the moment you start feeling ashamed of any action of yours, at once understand you are doing wrong.

Do not fret and de-stress yourself

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Many things happen to us in a day that make us fret at people around and on the circumstances. Whatever may be the reason, you should try to be calm in all the situations and this can only happen if you develop a deep understanding of cause and effect in you.

Before getting annoyed with someone or with a situation, takes out a second and think about your role in the entire episode. After giving it a though you will definitely come up with a behavior that is worth handling the arisen situation without spoiling your mood.

Live not in the past or future but in the present

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Comparison not with others but that we do with our own life, as in how happy we were in past and today life is so difficult, and the future seems dark, is much more dangerous. You should learn to live in the present and give it your best shot if you desire to live in good spirit and good mood, or else sticking to your past and endlessly worrying about the future only makes the present miserable.

Get some time for fun

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No matter how busy you are in your life, you must take some time out of your busy schedule to have fun. Fun could be anything that could reload your lost energy, enthusiasm, and zest to live a happy life. Be it going out with friends, spending time with children or pets, or spending some time with yourself, just do it.

He who accepts himself for who he is in life, or what he has, is the happiest man alive. Sad and dejected are those who are not at peace with who they are.

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