Healing your heart chakra and allowing love to enter

If you experience trouble in your relationship may be due to break up, fights, misunderstandings and are feeling obsessive about your relation, you need to balance your heart chakra by healing thereby opening it to love. Let us have a complete insight into the heart chakra.

What is the heart chakra?

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Heart chakra is the fourth amongst the seven chakras that helps in loving unconditionally and at the same time, has the power to heal. Also known as the anahata chakra, it rests in the center of the chest. The color associated with the heart chakra is green possessing the element air. Heart chakra supports the cardiovascular health and focuses on love and relationships. By coordinating the upper and lower chakras, heart chakra unites the body and soul. People having healthy heart chakra are peace lovers who have the ability of loving deeply and are trustworthy. Moreover, they have a healthy heart, lungs and respiratory system.

Balancing your heart chakra

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For different people things work out differently. Jasmine is the aroma connected to heart or anahata chakra. Therefore, you can prefer jasmine incense or jasmine tea to balance and heal the chakra. You can also do yoga and meditation in the open air. If you have feelings or emotions unexpressed, take them out and share with anyone you like. An easy way is to write them in a diary or speak aloud to lighten your heart. Learn to forgive people and inculcate the feeling of love within you with a belief that many people love you no matter dead or alive. Be kind to anyone repeatedly and see how happy you will feel.

The heart chakra is a blessing that fills you up with love and compassion. Balance and heal it periodically by taking self-care and doing meditation.

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