Expressing love if you are a geeky and shy guy

Geeky shy guys are often not too confident about themselves, especially on the love front. Owing to their introvert personality, they underestimate their capacities and capabilities, and think they are someone whom women never pick because they are too shy. Well, this is just a myth and all you introverted men, you need to get away with this misconception at the earliest. Your silence, mysterious looks, your highly sensitive nature, and your loyalty are some qualities in you that many women simply fall for.

Top myths about women’s choice of partners

women’s choice of partners

Many people believe that all women only like men who are overactive, outgoing and smart. This is untrue, as there is no dearth of women out there who fall for men who are quiet, their silence attracts them a lot, who are highly sensitive and are less likely to cheat. Such are the men who can love with all their heart and can understand their partner inside out, without expecting much but accepting everything they get.

So, if you are a nerd, an introvert guy there is no need to be disheartened. All you need to do is to learn some characteristics and qualities that can turn your introverted personality in your favor.

Dating tips for nerds

You ought to make a move

make a move

Approaching a woman for the first time gives jitters even to the most dynamic and extrovert personalities, so obviously those jitters are all the more severe in the case of introvert men. You love that girl next door but you are too shy to make a move and you never ask her out. Some introverted men only depend upon women who ask them out because they themselves are not confident enough to approach women. In this case, those men only attract same type of women all the time that gets boring. Therefore, you ought to make the first move or be ready to lose. Be confident, do not fear rejection, and just ask her out. Rejection is much better to bear than the feelings you get after not approaching someone you really like.

You have to protect her

protect her

Women like a man who can protect them, with whom they feel safe. You are introvert and shy otherwise but when it comes to protecting her, you ought to make her feel safe wherever you take her. Remember one thing that women can stand shy men but not cowards in any case.

Show your honesty to her

Show your honesty

Introverted men are honest, and women love honest men and hate the ones who keep lying and hiding things all the time. If you are honest then you ought to show it to her. Some introverted men think that women find an honest man to be dumb and too simple but this is not how it is. Everybody respects honesty and so do women. They love a man who can talk their heart out to them and is ready to listen whatever is there in their heart.

Show her your kindness and compassion

kind hearted couple

Almost every woman loves a man who not only loves her but who has a lot of compassion and kindness in his heart for others, especially for animals and needy people. Introverted men are blessed with this kind of heart, which they ought to show to their beloved.

Introvert men make pretty cool partners once they manage to impress her on their first date. If such men take into consideration some cool dating tips they can succeed in all their dating endeavors without any trouble.

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