Exercises that could help you prevent snoring

prevent snoring

If you ever slept with someone who snores, then you must have one interesting experience to share. However, if you are constantly sleeping with a person who snores, then this might be more than unpleasant. Alternatively, maybe you are a snorer yourself. You are not aware that you snore, but your spouse, or your family, complains all the time about the sounds you produce in the middle of the night.

Everybody needs a good sleep in order to maintain the daily stress. Although you will be the only one that sleeps, neither you will have good sleep quality. Bear in mind that persons that you live with might sleep even worse than you do. Things are about to change here. We are presenting you the exercises that prevent snoring. It might take some time, just as with the everything else, but it will have an effect. Don’t be lazy and get to the work.

Here are some extra tips that might help you:

• Don’t use a nasal spray too often

nasal spray

Snoring might occur with the persons who have allergies or nasal congestion. This way, a snorer breathes through his/her mouth, but as there is a respiratory infection happening, the person will snore. Therefore, you would buy a nasal spray in order to cleanse the airways and breathe easier. You can apply this technique for some time, but this is not a long-term solution. Avoid using the spray every night and get to the real job – exercising.

• Moisturize

Dry air tickles the airways. You should ventilate the room every night before going to bed. Cold air will also shake you up, and the warm bed will lull you.

Don’t pay attention to the outer factors only. It is important to be well hydrated. Your throat especially needs some moisturizing. Drink at least two liters of water a day. This will keep your body and organs in great condition. Keeping moist will prevent vibrations in the throat – snoring.

• Get a comfy pillow

Get a comfy pillow

Quality of the pillow can also affect your sleeping quality. There are many types of pillows – feather, memory foam, buckwheat, etc. If you have allergies, then get yourself a hypoallergenic pillow. Memory foam pillows are among the top rated ones.

Snoring exercises

Now we come to the interesting part. We will present you several easy snoring exercises. Those are much simple than it sounds at first.

• Vowels

Vowels can actually help you when it comes to snoring. Sing vowels separately or simply articulate a bit louder than you talk. Repeat the exercise a couple of times a day. It might take some time to be effective, but it works.

• Jaw moving

Open your mouth slightly. Then move your jaw to the left, and then to the right. Try to keep the jaw in one position for more than 30 seconds, and then change to the other side.

• My lips are sealed

lips are sealed

It might seem funny, but you can do this exercise when no one is around. Seal your lips together and let them stay that way for about a minute.

The second and the third exercise have the same goal – to make your jaw and the throat tense. This way, the muscles in your throat will warm up a bit. Just as if you do exercises for your body, you can do the snoring exercises too. Weak throat muscles are a precondition for snoring. That is why you should keep them in shape. The first exercise contributes to your throat strength also.

You should be persistent. Every exercise takes some time to be effective. Yet, all of our recommended exercises bring results. If you are still impatient and want to get to an end with snoring, then you should get a mouthpiece. Do a little research in order to find the best mouthpiece for you. This is the fastest way to stop snoring, but don’t be lazy – do some exercises from time to time.

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