Why an emotionally complex woman makes a better partner

An emotionally complex woman attracts a great deal of attention; most of it is negative though. As many believe, they are the drama queens, and the ones who have little or no self-control. However, this thinking is just a myth and emotionally complex women are no less than other normal women are. In fact they make much better and an interesting partner in a love relationship. Read further and find why such women make better partners:

She is vivacious not a bore

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An emotionally complex woman has certain liveliness in her character that makes her presence so interesting. Such women do not do out of the box things that makes them interesting but their very nature is like that. Be it their chick dressing, their down to earth and intellectual talks, their amazed gesture they give every time something good happens, her way to celebrate every small achievement, or just about any of her behavioral reaction, it is full of life. Even if the boyfriend or husband is feeling low, she could easily make them smile and feel better with her sweet and innocent gestures.

She takes interest in everything related to you

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Emotionally complex women are very interesting and they are interested even more. They take interest in their partner and their life so deeply that makes a partner feel special. Imagine yourself having a partner who is only interested in what amount of property you own, what expensive cars you have, and like. On the other hand getting an emotionally complex woman who takes interest in your likings, your hobbies, she likes to know what you do in life and why; she honestly shares her feelings and expectations with you.

She is downright sincere

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Such women are jolly and have a very good sense of humor. They crack jokes and know how to take jokes on them as well. However, when it comes to something that matters a lot to them, they are very serious, sincere, and possessive about it. She knows what she wants and if someone comes in her way, she does not hesitate to stand against him or her, as she has zero tolerance for such people.

She is a storehouse of knowledge not stupidity

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Emotionally complex women take pleasure in reading and finding historical facts, meeting artists and distinguished people just to know their special qualities, and to spend time with their partner knowing him deep down inside. This quality, the interest and the inquisitiveness makes them full of knowledge, unlike other women who know nothing better than bitching.

She is not pretentious and cannot cheat

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Such women have a very high level of self-esteem that gets hurt and they feel super guilty if they happen to cheat their partner. They fear cheating their partner and to have one-night stands, which makes them a perfectly loyal partner. She is made to love whole-heartedly and that too not many but just one.

She is mature and less dramatic

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As many people believe that emotionally complex women are too much dramatic and are not easy to handle, well reality is opposite. Such women are too mature; they know how to deal with their emotions and with the emotions of their partners. She knows what is important and necessary, and never tries her hand at unnecessary things and activities.


Emotionally complex women are one of the best partners in love relationships. They have certain magnetism in their personality. Their conversations are too impressive and thoughtful, and their presence is vivacious. They make their partners feel so special and they are loyal partners.

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